Rapper ‘Ice Cube’ Compares Obama To The “Black Kid” Nobody Wants To Play With At School

Hollywood actor and hip hop music artist, Ice Cube, in a recent interview with TIME Magazine’s Belinda Luscombe, was asked to share his thoughts about Obama’s role as president.

Although his interview was composed with questions about his recent role in 22 Jump Street, his new album, Everythang’s Corrupt, along with other personal queries, Luscombe said that since this is TIME Magazine, she had to ask a political question.

“I think it’s great with all the obstacles. You couldn’t ask for more,” Ice Cube said. “Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody wants to play with… I think he’s done the best job a man in his position could do under the circumstances.”

Yet, when asked if he gets “hit up” for political donations, Cube admitted that he isn’t into the “political game.”

It’s interesting to note that Cube’s observations on Obama’s presidency are made just before openly admitting that he does not keep tabs on news of the political nature.

One might wonder what his opinion would be if he were to spend some time researching the current happenings in the political realm. Would he change his tune or keep dancing to the same beat?

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