Rapidly Growing Overpasses Movement Inspires Citizens To Stand For Impeachment

Barack Obama speech 9 SC Rapidly growing overpasses movement inspires citizens to stand for impeachment

The Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment movement is growing rapidly, it now has 30,000 members nationally and will soon grow to more than 100,000, says founder James Neighbors, who interviewed with Arlington Conservative Examiner today. Neighbors is National Coordinator and Founder of the Overpasses movement.

“Our growth rate has increased dramatically. We’re now approaching, or have just passed 35,000 members,” said Neighbors, “The media has been publishing articles all over the place, with a few negatives, but that’s to be expected. At our current rate of growth, we estimate that we’ll pass 100,000 members in a month. We had a few issues with law enforcement not understanding the Constitution, again to be expected.”

The 35,000 members have joined one of the 50 state Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Facebook groups, where the groups are used by the movement to organize and coordinate events and communicate with members online. Social networking sites have proven effective for the movement to communicate with members, recruit new members, and organize rallies and groups in all 50 states.

Neighbors expects the movement to continue growing and also take on additional goals for reforming government, including opposing members of the House and Senate who have failed to uphold their oath of office. Neighbors said, “By the current rate of growth, averaged out over the time since we came into existence, that is the projected number (100,00 members). We have a very long-term goal. Not only are we intent on having Obama removed from office, we’re also beginning to organize to speak out against DC politicians who have forgotten their oath of office and engaged in unconstitutional acts. Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, to name a few.”

The movement will not endorse candidates for office, but it will advise the public of those candidates who do not deserve our votes. Neighbors said, “While we do not endorse any specific candidates, we are against all politicians who have violated their oath of office.

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