Rand Paul Is Launching A New Ad Campaign To Help Todd Akin

Rand Paul 4 SC Rand Paul Is Launching A New Ad Campaign To Help Todd Akin

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is wading into the nation’s most incendiary Senate race this week, with the launch of a new statewide, six-figure ad campaign to help Missouri Republican Todd Akin.

Business Insider has learned that Paul’s political action committee, RANDPAC, will go on air Wednesday with a new ad attacking Akin’s opponent, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, for her vote against Paul’s amendment to block U.S. aid to Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya.

“Claire McCaskill works with Barack Obama to send our money overseas to radicals who attack our embassies, burn our flag, and kill our diplomats,” the narrator says. “What would you do? It’s time to bring our taxpayer dollars home and send Claire McCaskill home, too.”

Read More at businessinsider.com . By Grace Wyler.

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