Radio Host Unloads On Romney

marklevin82641 195x300 Radio Host Unloads on Romney

Right-leaning radio host Mark Levin launched a scathing attack on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today, labeling the former Massachusetts governor “sleazy” and “poisonous.”

On his Facebook page today, Levin tells Romney, “Conservatives have had enough of your sleazy campaign tactics.”

Levin pointed to a CNN report, which noted that in the wake of Rick Santorum’s three-state sweep yesterday in presidential primaries and caucuses, Romney would be taking a tougher approach with the former Pennsylvania senator, looking to paint him as a Washington insider.

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  1. Romney,Obama turned inside out.

  2. Who's more sleazy than Mark The Bald Headed Warmonger Levin?

  3. Ann Coulter seems to think that Romney would be a good candidate. People should have listened to her in the last election and maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. Trump knows about running a business and seems to think that Romney would be the one to help with the economy. It is going to take someone with a lot of experience to undo what Obama has done. He has certainly done very well in his own life. He hasn’t been in Washington like the rest of them helping to get America in the shape it is in. He probably did as good a job as Governor as anyone could with all the Democrats he had to deal with. Chris Christy, who a lot of people wanted to be President, seems to think he is the one to beat Obama. I don’t see where Romney is anything like Obama.
    Ron Paul is the only one that I have heard that has mentioned that Gingrich balanced the budget by taking money from Social Security. We could all balance our bugets if we could just take some money from someone elses account. Ron Paul knows a lot but it doesn’t seem that he really wants to win since he comes up with ideas like legalizing marijuana.

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