If You Are An NRA Member, This Liberal Wants You “Slaughtered”

Radical leftist Mike Malloy is no stranger to creating controversy on his radio show. Last year, he engaged in an on-air fantasy about fatally stabbing U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

His murderous tendencies have apparently yet to subside, though his most recent targets are members of the National Rifle Association. Late last month, he detailed his plans to shoot an NRA member because he disapproves of the organization’s support of self-defense.

“Come on down to Georgia,” he said, “and I’ll be packing heat and you be packing heat or whether you want to or not, I don’t give a d—n, it’s up to you. And you come, meet me someplace, and all of a sudden, see – we have stand your ground here – and all of a sudden I’m going to feel real g—d— threatened by you! And I will shot you!”

Just days later, however, he proved his outrageous stance against the pro-gun group still rages strong as he compared its members to Nazis in no uncertain terms. To make matters worse, he advocated the death of far more Second Amendment supporters in his latest rant.

He concluded that “NRA members are the current incarnation of the brownshirts from Germany back in the early ‘30s, late ‘20s, early ‘30s.”

Taking that absurd comparison to homicidal heights, he expressed a desire for current gun rights activists to face a similar fate.

“Now, of course, there came the Night of the Long Knives when the brownshirts were slaughtered and dumped in the nearest ditches when the power structure finally got tired of them,” he said. “So I look forward to that day.”

This is now the type of rhetoric America has come to expect from the gun-grabbing left. Whether expressed in more diplomatic terms by elected politicians or in the insane tirades of Mike Malloy, threats against individual liberty have reached an unsettling point.

Such direct promises of violence only make it more imperative that defenders of the Second Amendment never leave home unarmed.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Paul Schultz (Creative Commons)

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  1. Malloy should be charged with threats

  2. Tell that SOB to bring it on. I wouldnt even waste good lead on him. Just simply kick his butt between his ears.

  3. Mr. Malloy SHOULD pack "Heat". He needs it with a mouth like that. I doubt it will help him when the time comes, but he should carry.

  4. Mike Malloy murderous tendencies is just one good reason why people need to be able to protect themself. You do not need to go to this point just because you don't like a person way of thinking.If that is the case this man needs to be removed from the airways, not for what he said it is the enjoyment of the way he said it.

  5. It has been my observation over the past 20+ years that the liberals tend to accuse conservatives, NRA etc. of doing exactly what they are and have been doing. Mike Malloy just exposed himself and his liberal/progressive cohorts and told us just what they do and are doing. We need to pay close attention and be prepared to counter him/them at every turn. They are very evil and dangerous people.

    • Don Rhodes says:

      They are the same people that started the KKK and have been trying to destroy America with 80 some % of the taxes that we pay.

  6. Roy S. Mallmann says:

    These guys are like foolish school kids. Is it not a felony to make terroristic threats which this one certainly is?

    • Mike Jones says:

      In Georgia a threat has to be made toward a person. I'm retired LEO Georgia and former NRA member and combat Viet Nam Vet.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why isn't this turd in jail and we all know the answer.He is a democrap and an Obutthole supporter.If a black turd like our AG Holder will let illegal alien criminals go free along with black panthers then do you really think he'd go after a democrap white man who thinks like him and Ojigaboo.

  8. Really/ REALLY?? Doesnt that fidiot know his HISTORY? The Hitler first DISARMED the populace…and made owning firearms ILLEGAL…kind of like this jerk and his political leftist boneheads want to do…THEN, the "Brown Shirts" became popular, as well as the Hitler's YOUTH. So…beware of any new "Boys and Girls Clubs" popping up anywhere, okay?

    As far as Malloy goes…I'm ashamed to realize he has an IRISH name, as I do; maybe he's adopted…

  9. scholar says:

    I'd love to take him out….. permanently……

  10. Tom Puglia says:

    He Needs a background check

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