Race-obsessed Host’s Radical Background Exposed

toure2 Race obsessed hosts radical background exposed

Touré is able to reach literally dozens of viewers via his position as an MSNBC host. In that capacity, he seems to find a way to interweave the inherent racism of conservatives into any story that crosses his path.

Before he held such a prominent position among the leftist elite, though, the reporter cut his race-baiting teeth as the founder, editor, and publisher of a student newspaper at Emory University.

Known as “The Fire This Time,” Touré only accepted funding from blacks and not only defended but openly championed the causes of notorious black supremacy advocates.

He went further, inviting those he deemed “role models from the real world” to the university as guest speakers.

Before a spiritual reawakening led him to leave its racist theology to become a Baptist minister, Conrad Muhammad was set to take over Louis Farrakhan’s post as the head of the Nation of Islam. During this anti-white, anti-Semitic portion of his life, though, he was one of the speakers invited by Touré.

His collection of objectionable “role models” is lengthy and also includes a man who was once on the FBI Most Wanted List and a woman who claimed whites are part of an inferior mutant race.

Touré also incredibly kept harping on a supposed race-based vandalism on campus, even after the complainant admitted it was all a hoax.

The man who currently pollutes the cable airwaves with rants based entirely on skin color obviously did not develop his extreme views overnight. These reports show that his abnormal obsession with race extends at least as far back as his college education.

His background – Touré was raised in an affluent suburb of Boston and attended an exclusive preparatory school – does not seem to include the hardships that often attract black youth to such extreme views. Somewhere along the line, though, the progressive media darling nurtured a radical worldview that puts him in league with countless other talking heads who see all events through the filter of race.

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  2. wayne mann says:

    It’s time we turn this country back around and started calling a duck a duck. The majority of black people are the racists un this country not the white people. They have used reverse discrimination against us for a long time now…. They got their rights and abuse those. Our prisons are not fall off white people they are full of blacks and Mexicans… But they blame us because they are in prison. The white people have gone out of their way to accommodate this monarchy and yet still they scream racism. They had been given every chance and more to educate themselves and yet 50 years later they are still just as ignorant as they were 200 years ago…. And they blame that on the white people. Abraham Lincoln made a huge mistake by not sending them back to Africa. I still see everyone praising Lincoln…. But he was killed because transcrips documents and books show that he was well on his way to becoming a dictator…. Just like Obama. I praise John Wilkes Booth for what he did trying to be a patriot. Our history books are lies… And our government is one big liar.!!!! Lock N Load people because Obama is going to force a war one way or the other.

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