Even Liberals Realize That Eric Holder Has Hit Rock Bottom When He Uses This Pathetic Excuse

Photo credit: US Embassy (Flickr)

Eric Holder is playing the race card again.

But this time, I don’t think it will work.

Attorney General Holder said over the weekend, that he believes there is racial animus in the opposition against his and President Obama’s policies.  In other words, he believes that certain groups of American society are opposing the agenda of this administration because Obama and Holder are black.  That view is offensive to the loyal opposition and shows weakness on his part.  It shows he is worried about the truth coming out on the various scandals this administration has attempted to cover-up.

Far from there not being a smidgen of corruption in the case of the Internal Revenue Service, we now have evidence that Lois Lerner was actively trying to harm conservative groups and, at the same time, attempting to hide communication about these illegal actions within the IRS.

Excuse me, but why isn’t this woman in jail?  Why aren’t other people she communicated with on the issue being questioned under oath?  If this is not corruption and tyranny, then what is?

Race has nothing to do with it, Mr. Holder. The issue is criminal behavior.  The fact that the Attorney General will not appoint a special prosecutor but appoints an Obama fund-raiser within the Justice Dept. to investigate the situation is a blatant abuse of power.

On Benghazi, I believe Holder knows what happened.  Obama and his minions have tried desperately for the truth to remain hidden on what happened that night when four brave Americans were killed due to either the extreme incompetence of this administration or a rather darker agenda.  Thankfully, we now have a House Select Committee on Benghazi led by Congressman Trey Gowdy.

The cries of racism coming from this administration are an attempt to deflect the inevitable outrage that they know is coming when the American people learn the truth.  In short, they are trying to shoot the messengers.  Again, this is a show of weakness.  They cannot stand on the merits of their actions, so they are attempting to demonize those who will shine light on their corruption.

And then we have the current scandal-du-jour, the deliberate trafficking of illegal immigrant children into the United States for political purposes.  Do you realize the Obama administration said just this weekend that the border is secure?  That statement alone is justification for impeachment.  They are actively subverting the duly passed laws of this country.  To them, the Constitution doesn’t exist.  These people need to be held accountable.

I for one am fed up with the criminals in this administration using race to avoid the consequences of their actions.  I think the American people are fed up as well.  Obama and Holder have cried “race wolf” one too many times.  It’s not going to work anymore.  The light is being shed on the illegal behavior, and the roaches are scattering.  I look forward to more details coming out from these investigations and more cries of racism from this administration.

Photo credit: US Embassy (Flickr)

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  1. TOMMY Spearing says:

    Obama, Holder, I do not support CROOKS!!!!!!!!

    • Linda A. says:

      Hi Tommy,
      Also add to your list Dirty Harry Reid, Nancy Pelsoi the Dingbat, Schumer and the rest of the bunch of democrats crooks.

      Coming Nov. 2014 we all must get out and Vote OUT all of the democrats and Rinos, we have try to take the Country back from these socialist communist party of democrats

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Holder is one sick turkey who has to kiss Obuttholes balls to keep his job.I wouldn't let this monkey run a pig farm and he is the biggest racist going.

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