Questions An Honest Media Would Ask Barack Obama

Supported By Media Obama Knocked Out SC Questions an honest media would ask Barack Obama

We know the media has absolutely no integrity and would never ask any of these questions. Nevertheless, here are some questions the media should be asking Barack Obama.

Why aren’t you talking about the looming problem of a worldwide economic recession?

Since Spain is collapsing before our eyes, what are your plans to contain the damage it will cause to Europe and eventually to our economy.

What are you doing to counter Turkey’s efforts to pull NATO (and, of course, America) into war with Syria?

Why do you seem unconcerned that the national debt has increased by a TRILLION DOLLARS each year that you have been president?

How can you claim to be prepared for a real energy crisis when a “temporary” refinery problem in California can send the pump price of gasoline spiraling upward by 30 cents a gallon overnight?

Experts have predicted a collapse of our dollar; what are you doing to defend us from this catastrophe?

The Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates are destroying the retirement nest eggs of millions of senior Americans; why aren’t you defending them from this threat?

Since about 400 TSA agents have been fired for stealing from the traveling public, why aren’t you demanding an investigation of how these people are screened and hired?

Surrogates for your campaign have stopped calling Mitt Romney a “felon” and a “murderer”; is this because you now acknowledge these charges were false and unfair?

How do you justify the American people having to spend $1.4 billion on your lifestyle when the British spend $57.8 million of the royal family?

The United Nations wants the authority to tax American citizens; what are you doing to defend us from this outrage?

We have learned that one woman in Baltimore was able to get about 30 free cell phones from the government; what are you doing about this?

About 30% of young adults are living at home with their parents; what are you doing about this?

The birth rate in America fell to its lowest point in our history, lower than in the Great Depression during your administration. Do you think this is due to your policies and their effect on people’s lives?

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  1. grandmaw53 says:

    obama is working to bring in the one world government under the UN. He is here to destroy us and sending our money to fund al queda. He has jhad training on our soil and scattered over our country. He is muslim and a foreigner and our Congress is not doing their job. He should not even be allowed on a ballot. God Help Us!

  2. We need to get on the MSM to report the TRUTH and stop covering up for BO! I'm e-mailing all the networks! They are putting us & our country at a high security risk by not reporting the deliberate neglect of the Obummer administration! The MSM are traitors to this country too…this country should be STRONG, not lie & hide our heads in submission as not to upset the MUSLIM world! This crap has got to be reported!!!…PEOPLE (Libia) begged for help for 6 hours while the WH did NOTHING!! We need to hold the MSM accountable to report this digusting regeim! BO has GOT to go!

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