Putin Proves Obama Still Rank Amateur

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama SC Putin Proves Obama Still Rank Amateur

Just about a year ago, I wrote a column suggesting that Barack Obama is NOT some kind of evil genius whose goal is our total enslavement.

I suggested that he’s really just an arrogant, incompetent putz who has no clue about how government really works.

To put a point on it, I suggested that he could not wear either Bill Clinton’s or George W. Bush’s jockstrap when it comes to governing or government. And that, frankly, anybody who is using him as a modern day Manchurian candidate is wasting their time.

The events of the past two weeks tell me that not only was I right, but that even having been re-elected once, he’s still incapable of learning on the job.

Can you imagine either Clinton or Bush getting rolled by the likes of Vladimir Putin over a minor league Arab dictator like Syria’s Bashar al-Assad?  There is an undercurrent being floated by Obama supporters that John Kerry’s “rhetorical statement” last week that triggered Putin’s “offer” was no accident.  That it was part of a master plan put together by the geniuses who brought you Benghazi a year ago.

Right.  And there are still bridges in Brooklyn for sale.

The fact is that Obama has no foreign policy or foreign policy team and desperately needed a way out of the corner he painted himself into.

Putin, whatever else he is, is a consummate politician and took advantage.

The net effect will be that al-Assad lives to play another day; and his conduct, conduct that would get most dictators in similar situations hanged, will be punished by, well, nothing.

Oh, yeah…Obama will get off the hook he hung himself on.

Now, out here in Northern Nevada, we don’t know much about foreign policy.  And we’re not experts like Barack Obama or John Kerry.

But we’re smart enough to know that they got their butts kicked by a guy who used to run the KGB and would dearly love to be back in the days of the USSR.

The spectacle of Putin lecturing the United States on peace in the New York Times sort of puts Obama’s apology tour after he became President into perspective, whether or not the Democrat Kool Aid drinkers want to admit it.

Syria is not the issue.  It is a client state of Russia, just as North Viet Nam was a proxy for the former Soviet Union.

Iran is the issue.

They are the destabilizing agent in the Middle East, and they are developing a nuclear weapon.

We don’t need to worry about the Russians.

They may be mean-spirited, but they are not crazy.  We both still have big enough nuclear arsenals to wipe each other off the map several times over.  And neither Russia nor us is insane enough to do that.

For those who don’t study history, the concept is called Mutually Assured Destruction.

That means sane people will generally not commit genocide, no matter how diametrically they are opposed politically.

Both Russia and the United States fall into that category.

But an Islamic Iran is a whole different animal.  And if they are not certain we WILL wipe them from the face of the Earth, armed with a nuclear weapon, they might use it.

That is the penalty we pay for having Barack Obama as President and John Kerry as Secretary of State.

Assuming we can contain Iran, Obama probably won’t cause lasting damage to our foreign affairs because he’ll eventually be gone and a President will take his place who, hopefully, has a better grasp of how the world works.

But right now, it’s open season on us.

And that’s not the result of a plan.  It’s the result of a bunch of rank amateurs in the White House.

As we pointed out a year ago.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I love the statements in this article. But really, the penalty we pay for having Obama and Kerry, is that Iran WILL use their nuclear weapons once they have them, And that’s not the result of a plan. It’s the result of a bunch of rank amateurs in the White House. Nobody knows (not even himself) what Obozo’s plan is. After he is out of office (the fastest way possible) we must torture him (preferably by water-boarding) to find out what this MFNGR wanted to do!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Putin played Obutthole like a fiddle and ole Sambo was stunned and then he tried to spin it in his favor.Even though in those photos where Putin is shirtles it looks like he needs a trainning bra he still bested boy blunder.

  3. No contest here, Putin wins and Obama gets spanked. I LOVE IT! Obama needs put in his place! I would prefer his place be in GITMO!

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