Purging The Ghost Of Bill Clinton’s Economics From The Holy Spirit Of Barack Obama

Bill Clinton SC Purging the Ghost of Bill Clintons Economics From the Holy Spirit of Barack Obama

One of the more interesting and regrettable ideological developments over the past eight or so years has been the Democratic Party’s repudiation of Bill Clinton’s economic policies (a repudiation, fortunately for Clinton, that does not require rejecting the Big Dog himself, nor renouncing credit for his economic successes).

What form does the Clintonomics-purging take in our current political context? In complaints that President Barack Obama’s economic policies are being guided by Clinton deficit-scold holdovers who do not sufficiently understand that deficits don’t matter right now. Here’s Jim Tankersley, writing in The Washington Post:

[Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert] Rubin espoused an economic philosophy that would dominate Democratic policy circles through the Great Recession: one that favored opening global markets, deregulating Wall Street and limiting federal budget deficits. […]

For all its success in the 1990s, much of Rubin’s philosophy took a beating in the following decade. The financial crisis spurred a move back to stricter rules on Wall Street institutions and financial products such as derivatives, which Rubin had advised Clinton against regulating. The disappearance of millions of manufacturing jobs in the face of technological change and foreign competition cast the downsides of free trade in a harsher light. […]

But the Rubinesque focus on the deficit, if anything, is stronger in the Obama administration than it was in Clinton’s. Even before his first inauguration, while the economy was in a job-shedding, recessionary free fall, Obama’s advisers were discussing an eventual pivot to deficit reduction. Now, by tapping Lew as Timothy Geithner’s successor at Treasury, the president is signaling clearly that budget negotiations with congressional Republicans will dominate economic policymaking in his second term.

Tankersley’s canned history of the last two decades omits a crucial word: spending. (Except for this sentence: “Protecting federal spending on education and innovation is an attempt to keep the middle class from slipping even further, but it’s nowhere near the fundamental overhaul in skills training that many economists believe is necessary….”) Federal spending, in fact, has doubled since Bill Clinton left office. At least some of the economic thinkers who Tankersley disagrees with believe that jacking up government spending produces the very economic sluggishness he aims to combat, and that cutting spending would spur growth.

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  1. e1313ruth says:

    Obama has no holy spirit.. The holy spirit does not indwell men like Obama… Satan does..

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    The final Audit of the Clinton years uncovered $1.2 Trillion spent that was not on the books anywhere or so the General Accounting Office said in 2011 when they finished the Audit.
    Clinton and Rubin were the clowns that changed the CRA of Carter to target National Banks in 1995, which led to the complete collapse of the Mortgage market in 2008.
    Politicians who do not understand economics should not be elected to office. Clinton was skirt chaser and that was all he knew how to do. A hound dog is a hound dog…..

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Al your right the only thing Slick Willy was good for is sniffing girls crotches and when he found one like Monica he went to town humping her.He even went after his friends wife the hound dog.

  3. Clinton's economic "victory" was due to a Republican Congress keeping him from spending like the current occupant of the White House. It WASN'T Clinton who did good, it was the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS! Get it right!

  4. Clinton's economic policies, especially the ones he conducted beyond the sight of Americans is and never was something to be proud of. He virtually completed the socialization of the banking system and set it on the way to destroy the world's financial system. http://www.gov-truth.com Obama's policies have just made things that much worse. We are bound for third world status with Obama in charge.

  5. Everytime I hear the name Clinton, in fact others as well like Obama, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Bloomberg, Holder and many, many more, I want to purge what I ate!

  6. Wife told me he took from Social Security to balance the budget and hasn't been paid back.

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