Protests Highlight Left’s Delusion

Photo credit: The All-Nite Images (Creative Commons)

Though concentrated heavily in California, fast food employees and other political operatives around the nation bombarded restaurants Thursday with their demand that the minimum wage be hiked to an absurd $15 per hour.

Obviously, these myopic rabble-rousers care nothing about the consequences of such a drastic shift. Virtually no business could withstand increasing pay for unskilled workers by more than double without massive layoffs, passing the expense on to customers, or a combination of the two.

Critical thinking, however, has never been the radical left’s forte. Instead, these protesters relied on rhetoric and an anti-capitalist worldview to carry their position in the absence of fact and reason.

While the overarching theme of this movement is disturbing enough, outrageous anecdotes surfaced throughout the day Thursday. In one case, a rally turned into a riot as streams of protesters entered a New York City McDonald’s. Once inside, the mob not only disrupted the dining experiences of paying customers; they mercilessly ridiculed the very fast food employees they were ostensibly there to support.

In a crass reference to those who cross picket lines, the protesters derisively yelled “Scab!” at workers who refused to join their ill-conceived cause.

As if West Coast protesters needed a further blow to their credibility, a woman famous solely for her inability to financially support her own promiscuity joined the effort. Sandra Fluke arrived at the site of a Los Angeles demonstration with a megaphone to amplify her shrill indictments of the free market.

She claimed that employees are subjected to “undignified treatment” due to the fast food giant’s policy of paying employees what they are worth to the company. Considering her own immoral rise to prominence, it seems Fluke should be the last person commenting on dignity.

A recent study shows that the massive automatic raises proposed by these protesters would cost almost half a million American jobs.

According to the Employment Policies Institute, this represents “a conservative estimate because it only includes employment loss among those who hold a fast food job as their primary employment.”

Of course, none of this matters to the self-centered egotists nurtured through our nation’s current entitlement culture.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: The All-Nite Images (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Can you iomagine someone with half a brain wanting to set their goal inlife to be a hamburg flipper at a fast bfood joint.These jobswere intended for students to make a buck to suppport them through school.Once unions get involved it's all over.

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