Protesters To Take A Different Approach For Flag Day

For almost a year, a group known as Overpasses For America has mobilized protesters across the nation, each holding signs that call for Barack Obama’s impeachment. Most recently, the organization was instrumental in orchestrating a demonstration in Washington, D.C.

As Flag Day approaches, however, organizers plan to celebrate the movement’s anniversary with a decidedly less confrontational approach. According to a recent press release, the group is calling on individuals to lay down their signs and pick up a flag on June 14 for “the largest display in history of American flags from coast to coast.”

While the movement’s leaders recognize some factions will continue “business as usual,” they encourage the disparage groups involved to raise a flag instead of a protest banner.

“Whether it be the current standard of 50 stars, the 13-star Betsy Ross flag, or any other American flag from history,” the press release states, “as long as it is a patriotic display of support for America, it doesn’t matter.”

The event is designed to be “totally non-partisan”; and for those determined to raise a sign on Flag Day, organizers have a suggestion.

“If signs or banners are brought, it is asked that they only say 3 simple words, HONK FOR AMERICA,” the release states. “Overpasses For America Founder James Neighbors emphasizes that this is not a requirement, and if you do not own a flag, to come anyway because there are always extra flags to be passed around.”

Flag Day, organizers explain, can be seen as a day of solidarity among all Americans – regardless of political or ideological affiliation.

“The flag for America knows no political party,” the group explained, describing the hope that “this one day truce and show of patriotism” will “light a spark in people all across the nation, so that we can stand together for the good of the country.”

Any Americans interested in the demonstration are encouraged to take part.

As for the one-year anniversary of the movement, leaders explained that participants “across the nation have expressed great pride in being part of this grassroots movement, and in being a part of Overpasses as it reaches this landmark date for the organization.”

Photo Credit: Lipton Sale (Creative Commons)

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