Proposed FDA Regulations To Cost Grocers, Shoppers Billions

FDA SC Proposed FDA regulations to cost grocers, shoppers billions

As supermarket chains struggle to maintain profitability amid rising costs, proposed ObamaCare regulations will only add to their troubles.

Experts estimate the pending federal mandate, which dictates how store owners must label ready-to-eat foods, will result in a $1 billion expense within the first year of its implementation.

According to Erik Lieberman of the Food Marketing Institute, stores have two expensive options in adhering to the rule: purchase software to test food nutrition, or use outside laboratories.

On top of the expense, he contends store owners will now be liable for any mistakes made in labeling.

“If you get it wrong, it’s a federal crime,” he said, “and you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines.”

Obviously, the Food and Drug Administration heralds the intrusion as a step toward a healthier America.

According to a statement from the agency, the new law “should help consumers limit excess calorie intake and understand how the foods that they purchase at these establishments fit within their daily caloric and other nutritional needs.”

With countless websites and other sources devoted to helping users determine nutritional information, this move strikes me as not only unnecessary but unfair to grocers who did not sign up to be agricultural chemists.

Of course, store owners alone are not going to absorb the immense additional cost of business.

The owner of one supermarket chain addressed the impact such legislation will have on consumers.

“When you incur a significant cost,” he said, “there’s no way that that doesn’t get passed on to the customer in some form.”

The Obama administration, apparently not satisfied with tax increases, inflation, and rampant unemployment, seek to enact this and other regulations that will not only stifle the free market but cost all Americans – especially the sacred working class – much more in the future.

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    Why in hell are we allowing this madman to dictate and inflict his radical nonsense on us? when will enough be enough? and where are in hell these so called Politicians at? Allowing this insanity and not standing up for what is right, and not defending the citizens from this Madman’s stupid ideas. We have so much wickedness in our government that this is scary.

    This madman is pushing the citizens to a point where the citizens will finally say ENOUGH!! And fight to take back the Country. These politicians have no backbone and it seems there are only concern about their cushy jobs and their own private lives and the media is bought and pay for by this wicked regime, if were not for blogs like this, we would be in the dark.

    God Bless Floyd Brown and others like him.

  2. These regulations mean nothing. Just look in the baskets at the super market. The overweight have chips,
    candy, cookies, cakes, pies and numerous other things that are loaded with calories . The slim people have
    baskets with vegetables, fruit, yogurt, chicken etc. You can't make people slim down if they don't want to, just like you cannot keep people from killing each other. Either by gun, poisoning, knife, etc. The government should keep out of our personal affairs, and work on jobs, the economy, the borders, and other IMPORTANT things and keep out of our kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and the room where we keep our guns, locked and safe. The first two years of the first term was spent on forcing the health care on us, the first two years of the second term will be spent on disarming the country, and to hell with the important things. They apparently are of no consequence. They just keep on taxing, banning, and forcing us to accept their agenda. I for one, have had it.

  3. This would be an excellent place to start the deficit reduction.

  4. Ps I better spell it out. For the democrats, that means cut the program we've lived without already for all these years.

  5. Madeline Tector says:

    Mondsantyo CEO's are rtunning the Government now, at least the agricultural dept. and the FDA is headed by a Monsanto CEO. that will shiut we pesky Americans up. So snythign they can do to make life hell for the consumer they will do it, don't like it, complain to the FDA, oh wait, that is Monsanto too. They havg eiot all covered.

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