Professor Calls For Abolition Of Constitution

 Professor calls for abolition of Constitution

For decades, the left has criticized the U.S. Constitution and has derided the great men who wrote it. Using subterfuge and judicial activism, they have been largely successful in rolling back the unique provisions contained in that awesome document – along with a significant portion of our individual liberties.

Still, the typical leftist mouthpiece is politically deft and generally pays the Constitution lip service, avoiding blatant support of ditching it altogether.

Such subtlety does not apply to a Georgetown University professor inexplicably teaching constitutional law to impressionable minds.

In an opinion piece published by none other than the New York Times, he blamed America’s “insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic, and downright evil provisions” for the nation’s current economic crisis.

He calls it an “obsession” that led to “a dysfunctional political system” and cites his disagreement with our government’s fundamental foundations, including a “grotesquely malapportioned Senate.”

The professor continues by rehashing the tired argument that the Constitution’s authors were “a group of white propertied men who have been dead for two centuries, knew nothing of our present situation, acted illegally under existing law and thought it was fine to own slaves.”

What he completely ignores is that despite not knowing the future – or perhaps, because of it – our founders developed a system of government that could survive indefinitely, provided we elect moral leaders who defend and uphold the rule book they left us.

Alas, the American voter cannot always be trusted to choose such a candidate.

There are a few gems tucked away in the Constitution that this sanctimonious professor believes are good ideas. He likes much of the First Amendment, for example, but doesn’t feel we should extend such freedoms out of “obligation.”

He also submitted that there is “something to be said for an elite body like the Supreme Court with the power to impose its views of political morality on the country,” probably excited at the prospect of Barack Obama naming multiple justices during his second term.

Still, he feels that the only way America can face the future is by “constitutional infidelity.”

Unfortunately, this professor is not alone in his views; and our current president has shown contempt for the Constitution on multiple occasions.

That document made America entirely unique. This nation was founded on principles of self-reliance and liberty no other nation before it had known.

Our founders knew that future leaders would be tempted to seize increasing power for themselves, and they included safeguards against such abuses. To be sure, plenty of politicians have found ways to work around those provisions; but it would obviously be much simpler if they could just disregard them completely.

That, I’m afraid, is the real intent behind the un-American ravings of leftists like this Georgetown professor.


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  1. Sad to know that young innocent impressionable students are actually paying lots of money to be brainwashed by the likes of this anti-America TRAITOR.

  2. Everyone should start examining their schools systems. Elementary on up.

  3. Tricia Anthone says:

    Having raised 2 entire generations of Americans on the lie that there is nothing exceptional in the American Constitution and refusing to teach the constitution in our public schools, we now have a voting population with NO regard for the gift of liberty, endowed by their creator and enshrined in the American Constitution.

    Today's "Americans" think that their rights come from government along with their entitlement programs. They measure citizenship by their eligibility for govt goodie-packages. That's exactly what the Left has wanted all along because it positions government to control everything in life and do so without facing any contest from the populace. Honestly, we don't deserve the name American anymore, for there are very few people still alive who have any clue what liberty means, where it comes from or what is expected of free people.

    Our "representatives" manufactured a a false "crisis" 18 mos ago: They created a time-bomb which was guaranteed to cause irreparable harm to the economy and to the political fortunes of both parties. They created it in order to "motivate" responsible action to address the country's growing debt problem. Having done so, the President then appointed a bi-partisan commission to craft proposals. All were ignored. The commission's work was thrown aside and no one bothered to think about it until after the election.

    So, now, by way of sidestepping the time-bomb that they themselves set up without actually DOING THE WORK for which they were elected, they've CONFISCATED an additional $620 Billion from the private sector. This doesn't begin to close the budget gap, but never mind, it's the thought that counts, right? And that thought is "TAKE MORE FROM THOSE WHO ARE EARNING." They might have made at least a gesture of responsibility by applying that additional revenue to the debt. Instead, they ADDED $4 TRILLION to our debt. (These figures come from the CBO.) The whole darned bunch should all be tried for treason. They should be ruined financially, professionally and personally for the harm in which they participated.

    But they won't even take criticism from the press or the public. They're held up as heroes for "bringing us back from the cliff". It's all going as planned.

    Our out of control debt and the extraordinary measures taken to service even the minimum interest on that debt (QE4, artificial constraints on interest) will eventually cause the dollar to collapse, triggering a domestic crisis that justifies the Administration's declaration of marshal law. Our "president" will then have the dictatorial power he craves and his minions will line up to get their rewards. That's where this is headed. It's going to make the recession look like a Sunday picnic.


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