Warning–Explicit Content: Conservatives And Socialists Clash, Literally

When conservative journalist Dan Sandini attended a recent public meeting at Portland State University, he likely anticipated attendees would not extend him a warm welcome. What transpired, however, is a stunning revelation of the lengths to which leftist ideologues will go to silence opposition.

According to a video of the interaction, the meeting was organized by the International Socialists Organization and was attended by anti-capitalist activists. When some in the group recognized the blogger, Marxism professor Grant Booth went to find a police officer in an attempt to have him removed.

Naturally, the officer affirmed the Sandini’s right to attend the open meeting, provided he is not disruptive.

In response to his fair treatment, Sandini wrote an open letter to Portland Police Sgt. Robert McCleary. A number of supporter joined in the officer’s praise.

Facebook/Dan Sandini

Facebook/Dan Sandini

Upon returning to the meeting, one organizer confirmed the group will file a complaint with the university’s student government. A woman identified in the video as Mer McIntyre expressed her contention that dissent cannot be tolerated.

“We don’t allow known right-wing bloggers to take our events and post them selectively online,” she asserted.

At that point, another attendee became even more irate.

“We have a right to this space,” he said, apparently addressing the officer; “and I think he’s a f—king piece of s—t!”

In an ad hoc response to the Sandini’s presence, another organizer moved to create a human barricade between the meeting’s proceedings and the cameraman.

“We can all do a meeting like this and he can’t film nothing,” she said, later concluding the blogger “thinks he’s the only one that can p—s somebody off.”

An attendee taunted the blogger, placing his hand directly in front of the camera lens and repeating: “I’m not touching your camera. I’m not touching your camera.”

Finally, the officer shut down the meeting entirely, leading to a makeshift protest in the hallway in which an individual identified as Christopher Beck raises both middle fingers at the blogger while attendees shout, “Harassment isn’t free speech!”

Tellingly, there is no indication that any of the group’s members feel their harassment stifled Sandini’s free speech.

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