Problems Within The Tea Party

Tea Party Protesters Problems Within the Tea Party

I’m a Tea Partier! I’m also a lifelong Republican as was my father, a Chicago Packard dealer Service Manager in the Capone Era. We even owned Machine Gun Mike McGurk’s ’29 Packard coupe for a while. Dad said he got to vote against that SOB Roosevelt four times!

I went to Tea Party meetings on three occasions – three different groups. I attended a big rally in Bakersfield, California where John Boehner and my Congressman Kevin McCarthy attended and were denied an opportunity to speak. They never forgave the Tea Party. It was such a stupid move, but that’s history…and I believe we’ve been paying for it with the Establishment ever since – with Karl Rove as the resident strategist. I got to share some thoughts with several gays from the local college who came to protest. We got along fine even if we didn’t agree.

How can I be a Tea Partier if I only went to three meetings and have no serious contact with any “leaders?” Tea Party is a philosophy of governance, not a club or a political party. Tea Partiers sense something drastically wrong with the “progressive” direction the country has been in since Wilson signed the Federal Reserve into law in the dark of night. This created what I call “The Multistory Outhouse” with the mastery of money at the top and a sewer of lost beauty and debt at the bottom. Guess who is in between! The Democratic Party has long abandoned the hard working family man and woman while brainwashing our children.

“Progressives” see the Constitution as a living, breathing document subject to change with the whims of those who make the most noise – classic democracy – not the Republic they hate our kids swearing allegiance to. They believe the Declaration of Independence has no legal tie to the Constitution and is therefore irrelevant. The President sees the Constitution as dead – his oath of office should be interesting, but he could sing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and it wouldn’t matter to the mainstream media.

Tea Partiers are strong on the Constitution, but not clear on the Declaration of Independence except for its reference to God and the equality of our creation with inalienable rights. They are only slightly aware the bulk of the Declaration of Independence is a litany of history repeated in our time. The Republican Establishment hasn’t the foggiest idea and operates in ways that prove it beyond a doubt.

Contrary to the multistory outhouse, the combination of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution produced history’s greatest secular gift to mankind. I call it “The Fountain of Opportunity and Prosperity,” where money is the medium of exchange and the (profitable) servant of the other eight levels in the structure of society. There is an order of three groups of three priorities in how we think, act and operate. How these are prioritized defines the upside down “progressive” versus the “Beautifully Correct” priorities called “The Political Theory of Relativity.” (I’m willing to share with any who have the intellectual curiosity to inquire!)

We are way past politics as usual and deep into all-out spiritual warfare. We only need to note that attacks on religion, religious freedom and loyalty have accelerated drastically under the current Administration. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer. This is the “bible” of the “progressive” movement, including the teachers union. It is applied with great consistency with significant results against a dumbed down population.

The other horse in the race is the well-entrenched Muslim Brotherhood with a goal of destroying the “Great Satan” and instilling Sharia Law to replace the Constitution – at the cost of American blood and treasure to establish Sharia ruled Middle Eastern countries for starters. In either case, the end game is bloodshed and poverty for the vast majority of the American and world population.

I found the major Tea Party blog groups to be helpful but too buried in choir preaching and fundraising to have a solid effect. They are a necessary element to counter the hundreds of millions of dollars of communist-leaning unions, and Hollywood. And of course George Soros and his lackeys in Academia have poured millions into Luciferian Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens strategies to bring down the Constitution and the economy.

Time for “The whole armor of God!” (Ephesians 6:11-18)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    There is nothing wrong with Tea Party people,all they're looking for is better government and yet they're painted as an evil group.The NAACP is the evil organization and yet nobody questions them.I'm in favor of the Tea Party and may God help them in there quest to bring honor back to America.

  2. spelunker7 says:

    The stupidist move for the Tea Party was when they encourage more than 3,000,000 Republicans to NOT vote for Romney, or vote Libertarian. They assured Obama's reelction and shattered the Republican Party into oblivion. Thay are not a political party, they just go around destroying whatever they don't like using ignorant logic and fairy tales. Their action has most likely given Obama enough power to ignore the 22nd amendment and develope a way to stay in office for as long as he chooses. There are 100,000,000 people living on government support of some kind and the majority of them will support Obama so the money, freebies, and food stamps keep coming their way.

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