Pro-Abortionists Call For The Rape Of Legislators’ Daughters

Planned Parenthood 2 SC Pro Abortionists Call For The Rape of Legislators’ Daughters

Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Hatred is the absence of love; and to many, it feels good. There is a feeling of satisfaction evident in people who exhibit hatred; according to them, it is unlike any other. However, that feeling quickly turns sour, making your stomach feel uneasy and your mind dark. That’s because hatred accomplishes nothing; hatred poisons your mind.  Hatred is not something; it is the absence of something valuable — love.

The Left commonly uses hateful tactics to intimidate their enemies.  Case in point: the Texas abortion legislature battle. Before the abortion bill was voted on in the legislature, the liberal activists acted in the following way, according to Life News:

The paid protesters opposing the late-term abortion ban in Texas are doing more than rallying outside the legislature against the pro-life bill. They’re threatening pro-life state legislators and their staffers. Death threats, harassing emails and phone calls and calls for their daughters to be raped are among the hate targeted at pro-life lawmakers from the small contingent of abortion activists upset that Texas would consider banning abortions on babies at viability.

And according to the Washington Times:

Pro-choice protesters shouted, ‘Hail Satan!’ as an attempt to drown out pro-lifers’ rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.

Those are the tactics the opponents of the abortion law used.

Let me ask you: What can be accomplished with hate mail? What can be accomplished with hoping for rape? What can be accomplished by chanting “Hail Satan?” Nothing good. However, it feels good to the people who utter those phrases. It is useless, guttural filth pouring forth from the mouths of those who have within their hearts an overabundance of hate. It constructs nothing. There is no solution offered, nor is there any thoughtful discussion being initiated with words like these. There is only the intense feeling of getting it out that makes them do it. They don’t care if they are not able to accomplish anything; they just want you to know they hate you for what you are doing.

This makes it evident that the Left cannot engage in thoughtful debate or conversation. Their minds are not built to understand anything but that which they have been programmed to believe. They have been programmed to see their opponents not as people with souls, personalities, and thoughtful opinions, but rather as evil, degenerate hate-mongers. With that mindset, true debate will never take place. There is no solution that will satisfy. The main difference between Conservatives and Liberals is:  Conservatives are willing to engage their opposition with logical arguments, and Liberals only know what they have been programmed to believe. As Sun Tzu said: “know your enemy.” The trouble with Conservatives is that they have values and conduct themselves accordingly. Over the long term, they will persevere; but in the short term, the noisy gear gets the grease.

Conservatives know their opponents. Liberals do not know their opponents. That is why the Left resorts to hatred and death threats. That’s all they have. They have no information about their opponents’ beliefs, nor do they care. They can’t contemplate the true meaning of loving your neighbor. The hatred to which the Left resorts will only serve to harden their hearts, creating a cycle of cruelty that cannot be assuaged. They are only happy with surrender, not compromise. Their minds are made up from the propaganda they have digested, and no logical outcome is possible.

Conservative people of values can never resort to their tactics. It is only the truth that can set us free. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, but a single pinpoint of light can drive darkness back into hiding.

Where is the most dangerous place a child can be today?  Some would say Haiti, or Bangladesh, or some war-torn or disease-ravaged area.  None of those locations would be accurate!  The most dangerous place in America for a child to be is in her/his own mother’s womb.  Mothers in the war-torn countries of the world protect their babies, born or unborn, with their life. The lib-sponsored abortion policy in China has resulted in female babies being murdered to such an extent that in many areas of China today, there are 100 men per woman.

Although not as bad as China, most abortion mills in the U.S. are located in or near poor black neighborhoods to carry out the vision of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, which was to kill as many minority babies as possible. It is very difficult to believe that American citizens are so dumbed down that they have no concept of what is really happening!   The ACLU does its thing to limit Christianity, and there is only silence from Congress. The SCOTUS is becoming more and more anti-Constitution and anti-Christian as is evident in the Healthcare rulings and DOMA. Many of us sincerely feel that America is in trouble and could be on the brink of collapse.

To many who bother to read history, we are in the same place today in America that Germany was in the 1930s when the Nazis took power. Today’s liberal establishment engages in public humiliation of the Tea Party. Couple that with the specific targeting by the IRS under Obama. This vile hatred by the left is also directed at ALL who oppose them.  Do you hear any Conservative spokesperson spewing the hatred people like Bill Maher and Al Sharpton do. It isn’t “hatred” to oppose them; it is self defense. And “love” has nothing to do with it unless it is Love of Freedom!!

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