Pro-abortion Writer On Death Of Children: “So What?”

abortion is murder Pro abortion writer on death of children: So what?

Amid the ongoing gun control debate, leftists universally want Americans to believe their only concern is the well-being and safety of our children.

Despite the obvious fallacy of their argument, one can appreciate that at least some actually believe gun-grabbing legislation is a step toward protecting the next generation.

“If it saves only one life,” Joe Biden infamously opined, “it makes sense.”

While holding that position when the issue is guns, leftists are quick to sing another tune when the topic changes to a tool used to kill countless more children than guns ever could – abortion.

In an utterly despicable article by pro-abortion activist Mary Elizabeth Williams, the callousness with which leftists treat child murder is on full display.

Williams is one of the few pro-choicers who readily admit that a fetus is a human life, though she doesn’t seem to see a big deal in ending that life before it has a chance to escape the womb.

“So what if abortion ends life?” she asks, admitting she “never wavered for a moment in the belief I was carrying a human life inside of me” during prior pregnancies, though “that doesn’t make me one iota less solidly pro-choice.”

Despite sharing the belief that unborn children constitute human life, she contends that conservatives who use that argument against abortion are engaging in “sneaky, dirty tricks.”

Williams seems to feel that despite her own opinion – or perhaps because of it – certain lives deserve to be extinguished to benefit certain other lives.

“All life is not equal,” she argues, explaining that pregnant women responsible for their condition should enjoy more rights than the innocent children they carry.

She goes on to describe women as the “boss” in relation to their offspring and encouraged her fellow leftists to avoid the “semantic lines in the sand” associated with arguments over when a fetus becomes a human life.

That argument is unimportant, she argues, because in certain situations, an unborn baby is simply “a life worth sacrificing.”

Anyone – especially a mother – who considers a child’s death acceptable is engaging in a line of reasoning I cannot even fathom.

Millions upon millions of nameless Americans have had their lives legally snuffed out in the 40 years since the case of Roe V. Wade was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

As predicted, Williams’ column shows the inevitable effect of such decisions as a significant portion of this nation’s citizens have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of life.

An environment of selfishness and utter disregard for others, not guns or any other tool targeted by the left, are responsible for the culture of violence and death in which we currently live.


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