Pro-Abortion Senator Exploits Bible In Ad

Mark Pryor 2

Politicians have been known to employ unorthodox tactics to resonate with voters of different heritages. Sometimes, claiming to support a cause or issue in an advertisement will convince an unengaged viewer despite empirical evidence to the contrary.

Such is the case with Democrat Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor. Hoping to avoid being one of the many legislators in his party who will inevitably pay at the polls for the protracted ObamaCare debacle, he is now invoking God in his reelection campaign.

In a television spot that began airing Wednesday, Pryor’s faith assumes a primary role as he clutches a Holy Bible and looks directly into the camera.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I believe in God,” he said, “and I believe in his word.”

Though he might believe, there is little evidence he heeds some of God’s most important directives. After all, Pryor is a consistent supporter of abortion, which leaders across Christian denominations continue to consider a form of murder.

Still, he claims the Bible is his “compass” and his “North Star,” claiming it provides him with “comfort and guidance to do what’s best for Arkansas.”

Apparently, his interpretation of God’s Word suggests that compounding the number of dead babies in his state will somehow further God’s will.

In 23 out of 37 legislative votes reviewed by the National Right to Life Committee, Pryor supported the pro-abortion position. He has also sought to curtail the religious liberties of Christian business owners through his support of ObamaCare’s abortion mandate.

Furthermore, Pryor wants taxpayers to continue funding Planned Parenthood and its network of abortion mills.

Somehow, despite his revolting views regarding the sanctity of human life, this Democrat can claim that his life is guided by God’s law. Such duplicitous rhetoric is almost expected from a candidate in such a desperate position.

Thanks to his relentless support of the doomed healthcare law and other Obama policy initiatives, Pryor is preparing for a steep uphill climb toward another term. As is too often the case, he seems to be turning to God now that he has no other options.

Watch the ad below:

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    When one's moral compass is so haywire that they can't even see the horrible evil of murdering the most innocent among us, they have completely invalidated their ability to make not only the more complicated moral decisions but ANY DECISIONS for that matter!!! This is why the DemoCommie Party can never be trusted with government!

  2. In 23 out of 37 legislative votes [so far…] reviewed by the National Right to Life Committee, Pryor supported the pro-abortion position…you publicly support the communist agenda of murder!! with a bible in your hand …you with those helpless murdered babies present will STAND before GOD and while you tell him your B.S. with that #500.00 hairdo He will let you know that because of your communist lies your name is not written in HIS book of life and He will effectively abort you to that lake of fire that is all yours…best of luck here on earth though short it's all you have left and in this short time here you will be able to live forever damned by your own commie finger!
    Do not take it up with us as it doesn't count…you will take it up with GOD and your accusers soon enough just as we all will have to atone…but with your North Star Book you already know that, right? I sure would be looking at the cover of that book you wave around so callously for burn marks! To hot in the hot tub?

  3. WhatConstitution says:

    Pryor represents what has become all too common in our society. Secularists who believe themselves so humble and spiritual that they honestly believe they are Christians, and they haven't got a clue, nor will they listen to the witness of real Christians. He can't claim the bible as his compass so long as he violates the base tenets and principles like one of ten little items which says something about not murdering. I wonder if that rings any bells for him? Nah….

    To profess to believe in the word of God and then endorse abortion is called blasphamy, not spirituality nor even doing what is best for the state of Arkansas.

  4. Pryor, another two faced democrat. Another politician who will do anything to stay on the gravy train, even claim to believe in the words of the Bible. This man supports everything that the Bible calls a sin and yet he will campaign on the Bible to keep lying to the people of Arkansas….
    Wake up people, liars are all around you, one of your chief liars and a multiple womanizer was in the WH and continued to attack women, even in the Oval Office and even had one under the desk as he was on the phone….. Wake up people, you are all being played for fools. Look at who you elect, look at who are their friends and associates…. Investigate their past for their past lives define them….. Pryor is a fake and he needs to be put out and driven into the swine pen where he belongs…..

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