Pro-Abortion Activists Hijack God To Make Their Murderous Case

In the world of online radio, it is easy to find bizarre political commentary from both sides of the ideological spectrum. One of these new media hosts, Kyle Kulinski, puts out a secular, leftist program Monday through Friday between 2 and 4 p.m. EST.

While liberals are notoriously unsuccessful – even with the backing of major donors – in the world of terrestrial radio, Kulinski and others are free to spew their radical commentary online to members of their like-minded audience. Recently, he smugly took on the pro-life crowd via his disturbing interpretation of the Bible.

He explained his intention was to “education everybody – 100 percent – on what the Bible and Christianity really teach about abortion.”

Kulinski took exception to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s position that Christians should stand firmly for life. Furthermore, he maintained, through his recitation of selective passages, that God is actually an abortion advocate!

Not only did he maintain that the passage in Jeremiah 1 proclaiming that God knows each child He forms in the womb only applied to the book’s author; he went on to cite a passage in Hosea in which he claims “God actually performs abortions.”

He declared his supposed revelation amounts to “an epic fail for the pro-life movement.”

Of course, it is easy for an avowed non-believer to take Old Testament references to God’s wrath out of context to make virtually any absurd allegation against Christianity. In fact, in the same segment, he couldn’t help lambasting those who believe sexual perversion is a sin.

He concluded that Jesus was “super hippie and super left-wing.”

Kulinski’s obscure rant got some extra mileage when radical abortion advocates saw it as an opportunity to further vilify the belief of millions of Christians who only want to protect the life of the most vulnerable among us.

The Twitter profile for virulently pro-death RH Reality Check, for example, used his assertions as the basis for its latest affirmation of fetal murder.

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