Pro 2nd Amend. Republican Takes Ct. Open Seat

GOP SC Pro 2nd Amend. Republican takes Ct. open seat

Watching Uncle Democrat scaring his Republican children with campfire ghost stories about what happens to bad little boys and girls when they don’t support his agenda is painfully embarrassing and infuriating.

The script is numbingly repetitive: Child-like Republicans sit around the campfire shivering while kindly old Uncle Democrat tells them frightening stories about what will happen if they dare vote against his wishes. In a “Fort Worth-less Jim Wright” friendly yet firm tone, Uncle Democrat warns his childish campers against being anything but good little Democrats.

The stories have the same themes: “If you  support protecting the borders, our media friends will say you hate Hispanics. Then Hispanics might never vote for you again, children.”

“If you insist on investigating these silly contrived “scandals,” your own base will turn on you for being embarrassingly racist.”

“If you are pro-Second Amendment, especially above the Mason-Dixon Line, you will lose every election.”

Last Tuesday, this third “ghost story” blew up in Uncle Democrat’s face. Connecticut, which of course wants to cancel the Second Amendment and arrest anyone not registered as a Democrat according to the current theme, did something so un-liberal that it was stricken from the news wires. For the first time in forty years, the people of Connecticut’s 53rd House District elected not only a Republican, but a PRO SECOND AMENDMENT Republican to fill out the remainder of a term vacated by the resignation of its Democrat holder.

The local and state Democrats had to believe that Samuel Belsito, the Pro Gun Republican, was on a suicide mission. Nevertheless, the joke is on Uncle Democrat and his lackeys at the RNC who believe the anti-gun narrative that Americans want gun control and will punish those who stand up for the Second Amendment.

The truth is, if Second Amendment support is alive and well in Connecticut just six months after Newtown, it  can win almost anywhere.

Now if Uncle Democrat’s Republican children will only understand there is NO advantage to sucking up to Hispanics who will NEVER vote for them anyway, and the Republican base WANTS investigations from now until January 20, 2017, we can finally begin to end our national nightmare. But of course, this can never happen because huddling around the campfire and being scared by Uncle Democrat is more fun than actually thinking.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. RacerJim says:

    History has proven time after time that there is NO advantage to Republicans, adults or children, conservative or moderate, sucking up to any "Me, Myself and I" group who have NEVER voted and will NEVER vote for them anyway — FORGETABOUTIT!!!

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