Prestigious University Considers Pro-Marriage Speech ‘Hateful’

Stanford University’s graduate student government expressed a disturbingly common view in its recent decision to decline funding for a conservative event on campus. The Anscombe Society, a student group that defends family values, planned a conference and presented its proposal to the student body for consideration.

In a meeting earlier this month, the request for funding was not only declined – the conservative group was also ruthlessly smeared as purveyors of hateful bigotry.

The College Fix reported several excerpts from the meeting’s minutes, with one common theme running throughout.

Quotes included in the minutes described the pro-traditional marriage event as a way “to help people better convey hateful messages” that entails “camouflaging discrimination and hateful messages” by its organizers.

One student government member actually suggested that hosting such conferences would result in “a statistically significant increase in suicide.”

The single passage that seemed to encapsulate the prevailing sentiment most accurately, however, was the assertion that “espousing the view that marriage is between a man and woman is, at the least discriminatory, [and] at worst hate speech.”

Though they were in the minority, at least a few students realized that restricting the free speech of others is effectively imposing the same discrimination with which they charged the Anscombe Society.

While preaching tolerance, one student proclaimed student leaders “are silencing and taking away support from a view that we don’t agree with.”

In the final vote, just two members voted to grant the group its $600 request, while 10 voted against. Two abstained.

This was reportedly the second request denied in as many weeks for the conservative group.

Though the Anscombe Society attempted to reach a compromise with Stanford’s gay community, it refused to withdraw invitations for speakers that the same-sex activists considered unacceptable.

America’s college campuses should be a safe place for young adults to freely express differing views. Instead, these environments have been largely overwhelmed by a mentality that excludes all but homogeneous leftist values.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: King of Hearts (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The Anscombe society should sue the school citing preferential treatment for faggots.It's okay to bend over and take it in the poop shoot but its not okay to talk about family values.When you do crap like this you cause more hatred towards fudge packers.

  2. When the day comes that two men or two women can entwine and produce a child ,that is the day I will support gays being married and deem it a natural god given right to marry. Too many people think that if they support the gay movement it will make them seem "more caring" than straight people. Mariage for all those really interested ,was for religious joining of a man and woman to consecrate their lives and live as one.To gays it is all about destroying the religious believes of christians and jews by undermining and eroading the reasons and traditions of marriage. If they just wanted to get a civil marriage for legal reasons , I am O.K. with that, but they want a church wedding with all the symbolism of relligious traditions.
    If the GAY LIFESTYLE is so normal ,Why did God destroy two cities, Sodom and Gomora, and say that it was an Abomination in his sight?? Why is SODOMY a crime in many cities and countries? Why is the gay community trying so forcefully and sometimes violently to make me and many others feel they are normal people ?

  3. RacerJim says:

    Prestigious University? More like Perverted University.

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