Prepare To Cringe When You See What This School Was Ordered To Do

Extracurricular activities in American public schools are largely supported by parents who want to provide their kids with the proper resources. Such was the case with the boys’ varsity baseball program at Plymouth High School in Canton, Mich.

After continually having their views obstructed by a chain-link fence, supporters joined forces to raise money for a new set of bleachers. The fundraising mission was a success, and the new seating – along with an updated scoreboard – was installed by the same parents and fans who initiated the project.

Ultimately, however, what appeared to be a success turned into a bureaucratic nightmare when local government got involved. Officials responded to an anonymous complaint lodged because the new bleachers were somewhat nicer than those used by spectators of the girls’ softball team.

The complaint also alleged that the new seating was not sufficiently accessible to handicapped individuals.

After the school received an official citation, administrators decided the brand-new bleachers must be dismantled.

Instead of using the initiative to spark a similar fundraising effort for the girls’ program, some anonymous complainant decided it would be better to insult the hard work that went into erecting the bleachers by instigating a government investigation.

As with similar leftist ideas, such as income redistribution, this manufactured controversy was obviously rooted in jealousy rather than a sense of equity. Instead of using the addition as a way to rally support for the same improvements to the girls’ field, this complaint sought only to bring the boys back down to equal footing.

The American view has traditionally been that equality should refer to opportunity, not results. In recent years, however, that concept has been turned on its head.

This absurd decision not only punished the baseball team and those who dedicated their time and resources to the new seating; it also discourages future efforts to improve Plymouth High School and other campuses for fear of similar retribution.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is what America is coming too.A third world type country.

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