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The leftist war against the Second Amendment continues to intensify in the wake of several high-profile – and highly politicized – mass shootings.

Among the latest outrageous attacks on the right to bear arms came recently from a local politician in Massachusetts. Barry Greenfield, a Democrat selectman in Swampscott, wants to give law enforcement the right to enter residential homes without a warrant to make sure firearms are being stored appropriately.

“We need the ability to enforce the state law,” he explained, referring to an ordinance that restricts how firearms may be kept within a home.

Greenfield said he has already spoken with the town’s authorities, though fellow selectman Glenn Kessler expressed concerns likely echoed by Swampscott’s approximately 600 gun owners.

Kessler explained the proposal raises significant constitutionality concerns, noting he wants to hear feedback from legal experts, law enforcement professionals, and, most importantly, members of the community.

When a similar proposal began to gain traction in Washington state, similar concerns fortunately prevented any decisive action.

According to columnist Michael Graham, who has kept up with the Swampscott debate from his post at the Boston Herald, opponents mistakenly cite the Second Amendment in criticizing Greenfield’s suggestion.

“This isn’t a Second Amendment issue,” he explained. “It’s a Fourth Amendment one – unreasonable search and seizure.”

He contends allowing law enforcement to randomly enter the homes of gun owners would only open the door for them to do the same to any citizen and for any reason.

The anti-gun left is perfectly willing to intimidate the public by targeting legal gun owners and treating them as potential murderers. Graham’s extrapolation, however, paints an even more disturbing eventuality.

While many citizens would likely applaud law enforcement’s bullying of “dangerous” gun owners, these individuals could easily find themselves in the same position. When a government realizes it can curtail the rights of one group, it is only a matter of time before tyranny spreads throughout the entire society.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. If they try to come and "inspect" my guns without a warrant, then they will be "inspecting" each slug as they come out the end of the barrel first. Period! Stand up and fight for your rights! I certainly will.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    How would this Barry Greenfield Democrat Dumbo feel if his home was invaded for whatever bogus accusation, I’ll bet he would not like it very much. What is wrong with these stupid politicians? Don’t they know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? The Constitution is protecting us from tyranny and if obama has his way and destroys the Constitution all together, we the citizens will be getting unexpected home searches and much more.

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