Pothead Or Patriot: Who Is Best For America?

Obama Pothead SC Pothead or Patriot: Who is best for America?

As November approaches, more and more Americans are waking up to the choices we have to lead our great Nation. We have already had almost four years of Obama, and here are the results:

Backdoor amnesty for one million illegal aliens, gutted welfare reform, high unemployment (media reports 8.2 percent but is actually around 14 percent when looking at the U6 numbers), positive stance for gay marriage, pro-abortion, fails to defend DOMA, ruling by executive order (circumventing Congress), gutting the US military during a time of war, fails to embrace Christian and Jewish religions while catering to Islam, has presided over the first credit downgrade in US history, has known ties to domestic terrorists and communists throughout his life, is anti-capitalist (wow, too many to list!)

According to Obama’s own book, he didn’t just “dabble” with drugs like Bill Clinton did (in which there was a media circus back when the mainstream media still had an ounce of credibility.) He was a pothead and admitted to using cocaine…but the media is silent this time around.

Now we have Willard “Mitt” Romney, a non-doper who, despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has tried to help America either by helping small businesses build and grow or by making America proud while serving on the US Olympic committee.

Willard may not be the first choice of many Americans, but the bright side of this is that he is not a COMMUNIST and has never eaten a dog.

Don’t get me wrong here; Romney isn’t my preference for President either, but given the alternative, I would rather have someone who is straight and sober controlling our nuclear arsenal. Stay safe, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Photo credit: cobalt123 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Short, concise, and to the point! Thank you.

  2. well the question is applyed at what generation……..i mean the Y generation…really? hmmmmmm

  3. midnightowl says:

    Please don't discredit pot like this. It has nothing to do with this dictator being evil. The cocain might though. Maybe that is how him and Michelle keep so nice and trim . Humm, every thought about that one ? No, it is not the pot, if it were , you would see the twinkie semi trucks parked in front of the White House, ROTFL !!!! Your right, we are in a jam either way we go. I am for legalization of marijuana. I believe it would help millions with so many health problems. And we sure do need it if this monster is re-elected.

  4. talkative millie says:

    I can ged rid of obama, if I had the chance to talk to him. The truth is I talk too too much non stop 24/7. Belive me when I am threw with him, he will not want to be run again. I notice when people that I know see me comming, they across the street just to avoid me, gee I wonder why?

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