Potential Running Mates Drop By CPAC

cpac 427549 Potential Running Mates Drop By CPAC

Yes, the Republican presidential primary is colliding with CPAC this week, but a lesser-noticed (and probably less-interesting) contest is playing out as well: the race for vice president.

The two entrants in that competition who have shown up so far at the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington are Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Rubio gave an electric speech Thursday morning, reminding some in the audience of why he might make a good running mate ; a charismatic, telegenic conservative from the swing state of Florida.

This morning was McDonnell’s turn. The battleground-state governor made his pitch, not being grandiose but instead calmly going through his record and jabbing President Obama.

Read more at ABC News. By Matt Negrin, ABC News

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