Popular Democrat Compares Illegals To Slaves

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There seems to be no end to the outrageous rhetoric the left is willing to use in its support for amnesty. Radical ideologues routinely castigate conservatives, calling them racist and xenophobic for merely respecting America’s immigration laws.

While Democrats of all ethnicities are on board with the cause to legitimize illegal immigrants, at least insofar as that move will create more Democrat voters, the message tends to appear more sincere when it comes from a prominent Latino. Unfortunately, such sources are also among the most likely to make gross mischaracterizations about the plight of their people.

This hyperbolic tendency was on full display in recent comments by San Antonio Mayor and rising Democrat star Julian Castro. The 2012 Democrat National Convention keynote speaker appeared on MSNBC this week with his brother, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, to discuss immigration.

When describing the current situation of at least 11 million people – primarily from Mexico – in clear and constant violation of U.S. law, Castro incredibly said their battle is not unlike that of slaves forced into hard labor during the darkest days of American history.

“It would be unprecedented in American history for us to create a permanent class of folks who are not citizens outside of slavery,” he said, “and we certainly learned our lesson from that.”

Willfully disregarding the fact that slaves were forced to enter America while the millions of illegals currently here made the trek on their – or their families’ – own volition, the Castro brothers nevertheless asserted the invented right of these scofflaws to be fully integrated into American society.

“We’re pushing for full-fledged citizenship,” Joaquin explained.

Apparently sensing his comments might be construed, and rightfully so, as offensive toward the suffering of American slaves, Julian took the calculated move of backing away from his initial statement.

“I’m not comparing the two in any other sense except to say that … we want, in the United States, for folks to be fully invested in our nation,” he said.

Though a recent Gallup poll shows just 3 percent of Americans view immigration reform as a priority, the pro-amnesty left presents it as the defining social ill of our time.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Absolutely NO immigration reform for illegal aliens and NO immigration talk until our borders are secured.
    PEOPLE, wake up and let your voice be heard NOW before it is too late!! Is it too hard for you to email or phone your congressmen and DEMAND no immigration reform and no amnesty??? It only takes a few minutes.

  2. Really? When slaves were brought here it was LEGAL. No one brings illegals into this country under the protection of the law. Sorry, but the president isn't living up to his oath of office is he? He is supposed to uphold the laws that Congress passes and one of those laws is to deport illegal aliens and defend the borders. Instead he hands them free housing, free food, free everything paid for with our taxes. It is us who are the slaves to illegals.

  3. If he feels they are slaves he shouldnt have any objection to sending them back over the border to freedom. I dont see any Americans moving illegally to any other country in the world -there isnt anything better the world has to offer us. I propose we free the liberals also and export their silly asses.


  5. Unfortunately, politics and politicians in USA are using to be ever such like fellow ones hear in Brazil. And these politicians are leading to transform the country into another third world country like Brazil. No difference between Lula and Obama, both of them dishonest communists.

  6. My father was an "illegal" in the '40's. He was noticed. He had to leave the USA, apply for a permit, and reenter from Canada (via 40's Studebaker). He had 3 brothers in Fairfield AL. They sponsored him. We then sponsored my sisters whom now live in NYC. We did it by the book. If it was good enough for my dad, it should be good enough for them. GO to the border and apply like others do. I do NOT sponsor this illegal activity.

  7. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

    I live in Houston, Texas and I own a fairly large countertop fabrication company and most of our EMPLOYEES are of Hispanic heritage and have all been cleared through Social Security's version of "E-Verify". In other words, all of my people are legal. Almost every other company hires illegals. Most people in this country have not been exposed to illegals, primarily from Mexico and Central America so you think they are all fine upstanding people just looking for a better life. How exactly do you think the country's they came from got the way they are? (corrupt-crime ridden-poverty???) In the recent five years we have lost at least five or six fine Houston Area Police Officers, killed in the line of duty. Five have been killed by illegals. Our esteemed mayor has made Houston a "Sanctuary City", any questions? On the news almost every night two groups of people are responsible for about 90% of the murders, robberies, rapes, gang rapes, drug crimes, car-jackings, etc.. One of these two groups are the illegal immigrants, with at least half of the crime. Texas leads the nation with 24% of the population without medical insurance. Guess who that is. A huge portion of the drugs from Mexico goes north through Houston on U.S.. 59, driven by illegals. Home invasions are a real problem, guess who? Granted, they are not all bad and there are some good people,…but! So when you liberals want amnesty and want to take away our guns, or complain about the "castle doctrine" or "stand your ground", come down and get some experience. We are doing fine and all we ask is leave immigration alone. Enforce the "1986 Immigration Reform Act" for a change and quit whining about amnesty, and things will be just fine.

    • I agree with you Roy, The people in Washington and politicians in America have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, And that includes those in the cities and towns close to the borders. I lived in San Diego Ca. for a few years and it amazed me of the ignorance that I saw there, even in Yuma, Az. I have tried to explain to people that illegals were stealing from their own people. I saw men that were here legally out on corners looking for work and gets left out because the illegal workers under bid him on wages and that is wrong. I also think that that's the way they want it so they can get cheap labor.
      Anyone that wants amnesty is lying to themselves and the world It is their own pockets they are trying to line.

    • I live in Rockville, Maryland…hardly a border city/state…and the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (primarily Hispanic/Latino) problem here may not be quite as bad as it is in Houston but it's still pretty bad thanks to far left-wing Maryland having declared itself a "Sanctuary" State several years ago and using multi-millions of tax-payer dollars to support CASA de Maryland. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Maryland can get free healthcare (including dental), Section 8 housing, food stamps, SOCIAL SECURITY (even SSI), driver's licenses and in-state tuition rates for public colleges — they can also get free English lessons but very few do. The vast majority of construction, home improvement, lawn care, fast food and convenience store workers are Hispanics/Latinos who speak only rudimentary English at best. Two years ago Rockville High School produced fliers and posters in Spanish ONLY granting Hispanic/Latino students ONLY the day off AND extra credit to attend the "Million Immigrant Rally" on the National Mall in DC. "Halloween" has been canceled at several middle-schools due to complaints by a handful of Hispanic/Latino parents that it's offensive to their heritage. And so on, and so on.

      No other immigrant ethnicity has not only refused to assimilate into the legacy American "melting pot" but, moreover, demanded that America acquiesce to their culture like Hispanics/Latinos.


      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Racer did you see that in Cal they couldn't pass the written test for their drivers licenses so they drew them picture like the traffic signs we have now.Example STOP is now a hand with a line through it.I'm sick and tired of catering to these law breaking scumbag illegal aliens.Obutthole will screw the military but he'll give these pinata heads all the benefits.

        • Yes, I saw that. Here in Maryland they have interpreters at the DMV to help non-English speaking Hispanics/Latinos pass the eye-test, which includes reading traffic signs. The city newsletter is now printed in English and Spanish, but since it's the same number of pages it used to be it now has only half the info it used to have. Local hospital ER waiting rooms are divided into English and Spanish speaking sections, each with it's own language appropriate hospital printed material and TV, and most of the receptionists and triage nurses speak Spanish much better than they speak English. I got sick and tired of the city, county, state and federal governments catering to these interloping wetbacks years ago. Literally all the housekeeping and cafeteria workers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda (formerly National Navy Medical Center) are non-English speaking Hispanics/Latinos who get free healthcare there under their employers contract, but Veterans like myself (neither Active Duty or Retired) cannot. Obutthole has indeed screwed our military in all kinds of ways yet he has given ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS all sorts of benefits.

          Vietnam Veteran

  8. Elizabeth says:

    That's ridiculous, the slaves had NO choice and the illegals choose to come.

  9. All illegals should be either immediately deported and ALL assets seized and forfeited or executed on sight..Oh wait thats the law already ..libtardation strikes again

  10. Reckon them slaves should freely walk back to their own Country and save us a few bucks! Then the Dems and Libs can follow them!!

  11. The Democrats are the ones that encouraged them to come, The conservatives and Republicans want them to go home. The Democrats want them to stay. So who is the slave owner. Sure as hell isn't the ones wanting them to leave.

  12. "we want, in the United States, for folks to be fully invested in our nation" That is a true statement. Being fully invested means , respect our laws, respect the constitution, pay into the system don't take from it, respect and like Americans, want to be American, speak English. Let's see, Castro fails most of this criteria, the illegals fail all of this criteria.

  13. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS and as such are felons in a foreign country-all the rest is BS

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    What do you expect to come out of a wetback.He seen how good it worked for the blacks to cry about slavery, he figured that the spics should do the same

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