Polling Information Could Become Scarce, Thanks To Sandy

Polling Polling information could become scarce, thanks to Sandy

Gallup will suspend its daily national polling on account of the storm and many voters in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire could be out of reach of pollsters just days before the election.”

Hurricane Sandy is certain to affect polling throughout the Eastern states, perhaps right up to Election Day. Coach is Right will provide a number of national and statewide poll results and updates through the rest of the week and on Monday. Links will be provided to pertinent Rasmussen internals and crosstabs.

Rasmussen: Romney leads in the 7 day tracking poll (October 22-28) by a margin of 49-46. Romney leads in Ohio 50-48. The generic poll for Congress has Republicans up 49-46. For both the national presidential and the congressional preference polls, Rasmussen polled 3500 likely voters and used a +4 Democrat sample 40/36/24.

Gallup: Gallup has reported a 52-45 Republican advantage among early voters. Compared to 32% of voters who voted early in 2008, 36% are expected to vote early in 2012, most being older Americans and those located in the West. According to the October 29th Gallup article, “…the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.”

Battleground poll: Romney leads Obama nationwide by 52-47. Among middle class voters, Romney is up 52-45. Here is a very interesting comment by Politico (certainly not a conservative source): “In that snapshot of today’s vote model (Oct 29th), Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by five-points – 52% to 47%. While that gap can certainly be closed by the ground game of the Democrats, reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory.”

Some interesting headlines: Clinton thinks Obama should be re-elected due to his response to Sandy. Obama hack Jim Messina says Obama is “in a dominant position” to be re-elected.”

An Ohio voter pressed Romney button but vote counted for Obama!!!  Makes one wonder how much of this is going on. It’s the second report of this happening in the past week.

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