Poll: Michelle Obama Too Activist

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While American first ladies typically use the position to advocate for a personally important issue, such activism is generally quite unobtrusive. Nancy Reagan’s message to kids about the dangers of drug use, for example, is memorable without being overtly pushy.

Many see Michelle Obama’s role, however, as a deviation from that established trend. Her advocacy for healthy eating and exercise has, in many Americans’ eyes, transcended mere passion by entering the policy realm.

More than half of the respondents to a recent Rasmussen poll indicate their belief that the current first lady is more of an activist than they would prefer.

Her invasive demands for healthier public school meal offerings has been identified as a major factor in policies that have depleted school budgets while forcing students to purchase food they have no intention of eating.

A plurality of those polled embrace traditionalism over activism in a first lady. A clear majority – 54 percent – put Obama in the latter category, while just over three in 10 believe she has assumed a “traditional role.”

Despite that assertion, more than half of the poll’s participants feel Obama is a good role model for kids. That result, however, is skewed by nearly 90 percent of registered Democrats who feel that way.

Naturally, many of these same partisans responded that they desire an activist first lady.

There is no question that Obama, like her husband, is a divisive figure in American culture. Many label her nutritional demands hypocritical as her family jets around the world enjoying rich cuisine on the taxpayers’ dime.

While she remains a more popular figure than the president, this poll illustrates a continued backlash against her invasive advocacy.

The first lady has no enumerated powers in the U.S.; however, the Obamas’ status as cult heroes among modern leftists has given her a bully pulpit that rivals that of her husband. She is often glamorized by a fawning press, and her policy proposals are elevated to absurd heights.

While sycophants will continue to consider her an oracle of modern progressivism, voters in general are more and more repelled by her usurpation of fabricated power.

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  1. November 4, 2008 — For the first time in my adult life I was embarrassed by my country.

  2. I don't trust a word she says or her dumb dumb Obama says and the democrats are rats I know one thing change is coming

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