Poll: GOP Lead Growing For Midterms

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A cursory review of the left’s heated rhetoric and unjustified name-calling indicates desperation among Democrats hoping to retain their majority status in D.C.

As the 2014 midterm elections approach, many political experts see the opportunity for major electoral gains for the Republican Party. The results of a recent poll conducted by CNN and ORC reveal GOP candidates are in a prime position to capitalize on the Obama administration’s sagging approval rating.

In just the past two months, pollsters indicate Republicans overcame a wide deficit and now lead Democrats among likely voters. In October, voters were more likely to cast a ballot for a Democrat by a margin of 50 percent to 42 percent. Those results have almost reversed, with the GOP now leading 49-44.

ObamaCare’s continued unpopularity after a botched implementation Oct. 1 is receiving much of the blame for this shift. A number of other scandals – including Benghazi, IRS bias, and NSA data mining – have certainly contributed to the anti-Democrat sentiment.

While a relatively low 36 percent of Republicans say they are either “extremely enthusiastic” or “very enthusiastic” regarding the upcoming election, just 22 percent of Democrats expressed the same outlook. More than half said they would vote for a congressional candidate specifically if he or she expressed opposition to Obama.

The trend is more pronounced among male voters, the poll concluded. Two months ago, 46 percent of men expressed a preference toward Democrats, compared to a paltry 35 percent in the most recent survey.

Keating Holland, CNN’s polling director, concluded such results “spelled early trouble for the Democrats before the 1994 and 2010 midterms” as well as “for the GOP before the 2006 elections.”

Of course, many contend the GOP has gained support in spite of the party’s leadership. Congressional Republicans continue to be largely mired in their own approval slump; however, Obama’s disastrous second term has made leftism particularly unattractive for millions of American voters.

If there were more national voices able to effectively articulate a conservative game plan for the future, the GOP could easily secure a majority of voters for years to come. Unfortunately, establishment Republicans have become quite adept at grabbing defeat from the mouth of victory.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Terrell Aftermath

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  1. Arizona worker says:

    The GOP wouldn't know success if it bit them in the ass. We make getting beat easy by continually helping the Liberals beat us, outsmart us and pretty much outthink us. How in the hell did we vote some of these morons in anyway? obama got voted in because those who voted for him bought the lies, didn't beleive what we were saying, didn't believe his history, hate American, are lazy and/or stupid or on the take, or are Communists. But the GOP? Geeze. We vote these morons in and they seem to always be a day late and dollar short still being ruled by RHINOS like McCain. There are so busy trying to distance themselves from the Tea Party and save their individual powers they are missing what America is saying. They should be joining together and intelligently formulating a real plan to tell Americans what we need to hear. They need to have concrete plans to bring America back, give people real reason to hope and make those who are not committed Americans reason to feel guilty. The GOP needs to offer minorities a way for success and make them ashamed to live off the sweat of others. Reagan did it. He made us feel good about who we are and what we mean and a reason to succeed and he defined our enemies and had the conviction to go after them. Go after waste and corruption, stop the spending on unnecessary things. Make people work for what they want and provide the jobs via business rather than gov't giving handouts for not working, or creating new gov't entities that sees nothing more than more gov't.

  2. That Arizona worker has it right! After all..what is so bad about tea party, so they want to observe the Constitution, what is so bad about that anyway? About time we get back to the Constitution, the only thing that sets us apart from the next banana republic second rate dictatorship country.

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