Poll: Egyptians Love Sharia

Sharia SC Poll: Egyptians love Sharia

Something doesn’t make sense. The information coming out of Egypt about how the average person feels toward living under Sharia law doesn’t support what is happening on the streets of that ancient country. Just last April, the Pew Polling Company released the results of a worldwide survey of over 38,000 Muslims who were asked face to face about their views toward many of the characteristics of Muslim life. The segment of the report dealing with Egyptian sentiments reveals an almost three to one support for life under Sharia, the strict Islamist legal system.

Nevertheless, here we are just a few months later watching blood flow in the streets of Cairo as Egyptians fight for their freedom in their second revolution in as many years. The Egyptian people have once again revolted against a tyrannical government. During the heady days of the first Egyptian revolt, cynically dubbed the ”Arab Spring” by western sycophants, radical Islamists seized control of the people power flowing through Cairo and bent it toward achieving its own demonic goals.  Women, especially white western blondes like CBS correspondent Lara Logan, were repeatedly raped in broad daylight by bands of savages in celebration of the coming subjugation of Egypt to Sharia Law.

In short order, the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt, and Sharia became the law of the land forever (or so thought the Brotherhood and Barack Obama, its biggest supporter.) When the people started to realize that what they had voted for was not what they wanted, things started turning ugly. They began to openly grumble. Something had to be done; enter Pew and its survey “clearly proving Egyptians love Sharia.”

A poll released less than two months ago by Pew – one of Obama’s pet polling outfits – showed that 74% of Egyptians said they wanted “sharia to be the official law of the land.” Somebody lied. Was it Pew, or was it the Egyptians?

In the Soviet style dictatorship we live in, it would seem certain that Pew lied to continue to curry favor with Obama. Of course, frightened Egyptians could very well have told the American polling company what they thought they were supposed to say, but the fact remains that the report was wrong.

We won’t hear anything from the Democrat-controlled media about how wrong Pew was; when they’re wrong, we never do.

Photo credit: AsianMedia (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    What amazes me most is the women who are for sharia law considering they get the shitty end of the stick.I don't believe that most egyptians are for sharia law if they were there would be no uprising.

  2. We need to focus and give importance first to the emotions of other human beings as we can never feel happy and satisfied in our self by doing wrong with others but the need is only to understand such facts in our life.

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