Politics As Usual, Or Spiritual Warfare?

Well-meaning statesmen and politicians strive mightily for political solutions such as an Israel-Palestine accord – or moving the Muslim Brotherhood to “democracy.” They are living in a fool’s paradise. Islam’s hatred of the USA and Israel is not political; it’s spiritual at its very core. Political solutions have yet to work; but like insanity, we keep doing the same thing over again.

The West has strangely dug itself into a deep hole by denying Christianity, creating an enormous spiritual vacuum. It denies what created its beauty and prosperity. Russia is trying to sort out its renaissance – choosing between her once lost beauty or power unleashed. China has found itself the largest beneficiary of American companies selling out their own customers by removing their opportunities to learn, innovate, work, earn, and buy – trading “Yankee ingenuity” for a “Yangtze ingenuity” that is devoid of human or environmental stewardship (or compassion.) Now politicians talk about “creating jobs!”

While the West plays politics against the powers of evil within and without, its spiritual vacuum is being filled with two competing (yet complicit) forces. One is Islam, its rules of law an absolute counter to history’s freest economic/human accomplishment system. Islam only evangelizes by the edge of the scimitar, the bomb vested jihadist who seeks an eternal reward, and a highly developed spiritual malady of lying. Its masses wallow in poverty and fear, while the rulers live grand lifestyles.

The other is “Eugenic progressivism,” which has no care or concern for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. Its extremes look to a world population reduced to 500 million, human experimentation in the lab, and new ways to eliminate the unwanted. The current scandals at the Veterans Administration hospitals are not just poor administration, but part of the intended spiritual corruption of our health care system to achieve eugenic goals with a minimum of resistance.

Our only hope is to regain the spiritual roots so beautifully given us in the US Declaration of Independence, coupled with the Ethics of her Constitution and the protective Logic of her Bill of Rights. With one exception, adherents of nearly all the world’s races and religions have found a safe home in the United States with its predominantly Christian foundations. America is far from perfect, but nowhere on earth can freedom and liberty be found on such a broad human scale.

The war against these foundations has been waged for over 100 years by “eugenic progressivism” and its money manipulators. In recent years, the war has been joined by Islamic radicals with their jihad against all they see as infidels – including competing Islamic sects, but especially “The Great Satan” of individual liberty and Israel. They compete to dominate a one world government – fascist/communist or supreme caliphate. Neither bodes well for the human race.

If complete lack of respect for human life and the hope of eternal reward for murdering innocents isn’t spiritual warfare, please explain what political strategy will drive out the demons of the culture of death? Just ask your local jihadist or eugenicist. They can both be found crawling around the halls of government, wearing suits and ties and living grand lifestyles. These are the very halls where freedom must ring.

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