Politicians Out Of Control On Guns…

Running down the logic: politicians and others demand gun control in the wake of the horrific shootings in Isla Vista.

The premise is that gun control will help prevent future incidents and thus save lives.

Never mind that areas where tight gun control laws prevail are also areas where the most violence occurs.  But let’s take this a step further.

What these politicians are saying is that the God-given, Constitutional rights of 300 million people must be abrogated because of the criminal behavior of a minuscule number of people. Can you recall the last time an NRA member was arrested for gun violence?

There are about 80 million legal, law-abiding gun owners in this country. If we assume a huge number of perpetrators during the last 10 years—-let’s say 1,000—-that divides out to .0000125, a tiny fraction.  Let’s assume these 1,000 perpetrators took the lives of 2,000 people–again, a very high estimate.

Then, logically and rationally, one must ask:  How many lives have been saved by legal gun owners confronting criminals during the last ten years?  Certainly, the answer is more than 2,000 (actually 2.5 million a year).

Thus, we see gun control does not reduce gun violence; it only hinders lawful gun owners from saving lives.

The logical conclusion? Gun control will cause more death, the precise opposite of the intended purpose.  Gun control only puts law-abiding people at risk, removing their ability to defend themselves.  Had one of the students in Isla Vista been carrying a concealed handgun, the shooter might have been stopped early on; and regardless of gun control laws, maniacal individuals hellbent on shooting people will find ways to acquire weapons.  This perpetrator killed three people with a knife.  By the logic of politicians, we should all be demanding knife control as well.

The real solution is preserving Constitutional rights and training lawful gun owners in the safe and effective use of guns, even as citizens coordinate with law enforcement to identify and curtail the activities of criminals and the mentally ill.

Let’s focus on real solutions instead of pandering to emotionalism and the political agendas of those whose real goal is the disarming of America and the shredding of the Constitution. Let’s not do violence to common sense, the rule of law, and our Constitutional rights.

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