Politically Correct Hatred Of Minorities

 Politically Correct Hatred of Minorities

Minorities still have a difficult time in this country. Yes, blacks, gays, Muslims, and atheists still have very real challenges that we need to be aware of and sensitive to. However, they are not the focus of this column. Thankfully it is by now politically incorrect to hate any of these groups. This is in stark contrast to a different set of minorities, whom hatred of is often accepted by the politically correct. The wealthy, evangelical Christians, heterosexual white males, libertarians, and the Tea Party are minority groups whom it can be politically correct to hate.

Let’s start with the wealthy. “The wealthy?” you may ask. “Aren’t they the group who have it the easiest in this country? Why should I care about them?” On the contrary, being wealthy these days means exposing oneself to the raw hatred and envy of the masses, more so than in the past. Everywhere one  turns one see the wealthy being bashed:  in Hollywood movies, on the nightly news, and college texts, to name a few places. I recently watched Atlas Shrugged Parts I and II. One realizes Ayn Rand hit the nail  on the head in her books: it is the producers, the wealthy whom it is politically correct to bash and steal from. The progressive income tax is the new serfdom. Make more money, i.e., produce more, and we’ll take more and more from you. If you don’t like it, we’ll throw you in prison.

Evangelical Christians are another group whom it can be PC to hate. Watch the mainstream media and you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for hatred of this group. Ministers, the Bible, and evangelical churchgoers are attacked with a ferocity one wouldd think the left would reserve for convicted felons. And, this is happening to a morally upstanding group of people.

Heterosexual white males are another minority group who have the Left’s bulls-eye on their back. You see the stupid father portrayed over and over again in television. No wonder many of today’s males don’t stick around to start a family with their partner. Who wants to be that stupid father guy? White males lose out on jobs and educational opportunities because of government-sanctioned reverse racism and hardly anyone bats an eye.

“Libertarian.” Just the name brings ridicule. I wrote to one person, mentioning I was a libertarian, and his response was an exuberant ‘hahahaha’!  Expect to see plenty of ridicule if you adopt this name. However, your opponents will probably prove light on arguments, and heavy on the laughter. As long as you stick to your guns, you have nothing to sweat. Establishment people are afraid that there is a real alternative out there to their propaganda, and they will fight you tooth-and-nail to give up on liberty.

The Tea Party is the final group we will discuss who have had a rough handling by the establishment. The establishment doesn’t like grassroots organizations they can’t control ; it’s no matter that these groups are the backbone of a democracy. 2010 was a triumph of democracy, not just a triumph of the Tea Party, as the people turned out incumbents for new and alternative thinking.

As you can see, there are plenty of groups out there whom it can be politically correct to hate. These groups, not just the groups you normally think of when you hear the word ‘minority,’ need our support. They are suffering from a full barrage from the establishment and can hold out for only so long.

F. Peter Brown is an Associate Editor at the Western Center for Journalism and Editor at the Sound Money Institute. Visit his personal website .

Photo Credit: charlesfettinger (Creative Commons)

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