Political Correctness Infecting College Conservatives


Conservative students cannot solely rely on College-Republican student organizations’ leadership.  Not because they are bad individuals, but because as leaders, many capitulate to Political Correctness, so as not to risk their aspirations of a political future. As a result, most CR leadership dare not touch controversial issues like Islam or the fight for human rights, gays rights, and even oppressive Shari’a law. The CRs stand behind local politicians, making calls and dictate to its members what the agenda is, as opposed to being open to their members’ interests. Leaders should reflect its members’ Voices, not the other way around.

Campus Islamists – Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and numerous other Islamist student organizations – feast on the fact that CRs leadership won’t confront their doctrinally Islamist agenda and anti-Semitic Campus Crusades. I don’t blame the CRs leadership, for it takes courage to go against large, powerful, mischievous Islamists organizations filled with students who cry racism when a mouse squeaks.

Does it make a difference to American Islamists and CRs leadership to know this:

“The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) is a declaration of the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference adopted in Cairo in 1990, which provides an overview on the Islamic perspective on human rights, and affirms Islamic Shari’a as its sole source.”

Last year in April, Students for Intellectual Freedom National (SIFNA) hosted an Islamic Apartheid Conference. The campus Islamists, Leftists and College Republicans that gathered represented the culmination of three year’s worth of constancy and achievement of what SIFNA had always sought to accomplish: starting a conversation in the absence of political correctness. Starting a conversation is the most crucial component in the fight for Intellectual Survival. The result of that is the inevitable emergence of competing views on the best way to survive.

Present was the group most notorious for proclaiming itself as victims of/in America, even though they are the most defended persons around the world: Islamist-Muslims. Among the panel of distinguished speakers was Simon Deng, a Sudanese who as a child was abducted and sold into Muslim slavery. He addressed all Muslims in the audience, asking where they were when he needed them to speak up for him and Give him Voice. None answered, for they had no knowledge/comprehension as to what Deng was referring. The Islamists and Occupiers instead defended Shari’a, an oppressive and patriarchal code of conduct they don’t understand; naturally, they stood up mid-event, did their zombie-esque call-and-shout “Mic-Check!”and walked out in line, much like cattle into a slaughterhouse. The Occupiers arrived at the event with closed minds, determined to disrupt and shut down an event, something they have always failed to achieve with SIFNA. They left just as they arrived: uninformed, cowardly.

To advance the American conversation, truly free Muslims must submit to freedom – not Shari’a/Islamism – and break free from the slavery of HAMAS-linked CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood’s creation: the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Those two anti-American entities aren’t the protectors of Muslims…they are their Masters; they solely offer them the tools for Religious Tyranny, while America’s Constitutional experiment offers Muslims the intellectual tools for Religious Freedom, Tolerance, Security, and Prosperity.

The College-Republicans Leadership, in my experience, subscribes to appeasement and recklessly hides behind the powerful brand-name of College Republicans. Aren’t they supposed to be the brave ones to whom the lonely Conservative souls look?
The CRs leadership often seeks to avoid Risk and gravitates toward the enigmatic, glorious idea of political office, so it runs away, not wanting to be associated with any efforts for Islamic-Apartheid awareness, which are relevant and very much needed. Unlike its intellectually-thirsty members, the CRs leadership has a reputation of choosing personal reputation over a truly College Republican agenda.
The CRs leadership uses its CRs brand-name to advance itself, yet generally exhibits no intellectually assertive concern for the citizens, community or nation they so desire to lead. They seem to lust for the idea and prestige of a political title, nothing more. When they choose the comfort of neutrality, they choose appeasement. From citizen to Leader of the Free World, both require brave, selfless leadership, willing to take difficult-issue stances.

The CRs must reject silence when time calls them to speak and Give Voice. CRs members deserve leaders who think of them…not for them.

America and the world need a new type of free Muslim, independent of chains that keep them from advancing in Freedom. American society needs a new breed of Republican, unwilling to subscribe to political correctness or exchange courageous leadership for selfish comfort.
As it is, neither group is ready to strengthen the American soul…not until they start new conversations and end old ones. Too many without a Voice desperately wait for someone to rescue them, and that someone’s voice – your voice – is their only hope. America and the world need both groups to work on a new script for a new stage.


Alvaro Watson is the founder (2009) of Students for Intellectual Freedom National (SIFNA), a politically and Classically Liberal/Conservative and Human Rights organization. Our mission is to counter Intellectual Intolerance found across America and its college campuses, like that of Temple University (my undergrad) and prominent student organizations.

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  1. Political Correctness is a Marxist propaganda tool used to shut down opposition views. WHY CAN'T THE SMART PROFESSORS FIGURE THAT OUT……….MANY "DON'T" WANT TO BECAUSE THEY ARE MARXIST…….SO THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM NOW.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Thomas most professors are Marxist Socialist and commies.I would love to see them removed but the government backs these tards.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Political correctness has run amuck through America let alone with college conservatives .Today we're afraid to asay what we believe unless your Phil from the Duck Dynasty.

  3. Political correctness is the bane of our existence.

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