Political Analyst: Akin Still Has A Chance

Todd Akin SC Political Analyst: Akin Still has a Chance

A recent Real Clear Politics projection predicts that the Republicans will have a net gain of four Senate seats, creating a 51-49 advantage for Republicans in the next congressional session. RCP’s compilation of polls also indicates that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) will hold on to her seat. Republican challenger Todd Akin was been expected to win before the misstep in which he used the term “legitimate rape.” He has fervently apologized about that remark.

Tom Pauken served on Ronald Reagan’s White House staff and later became chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He points out that Akin has had a solid record as both a social and economic conservative, so he is disappointed that members of Akin’s own party continue to throw him under the bus (see earlier story).

Read More at OneNewsNow. By Chad Groening.

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  1. Go for it Mr. Akin.

  2. He said he was sorry so let it go I will vote for him Old Claira needs to go she is a cheat and a lier we need to get rid of her kind I live in Missouri and me and my family will not vote for her she has took to much of are money Her and Nixion are worthless and need to go stop harping on Akin I would vote for a Dog before I would vote for Claira Bell

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