Political Accountability And The Loss Of American Liberty

MFtatebritain1 Political Accountability and the Loss of American Liberty

In the past decade,‭ ‬the loss of privacy, freedom, and liberty has been unprecedented.‭  ‬Prior to the declassification,‭ ‬disclosures, and leaks depicting how the American government has been spying on its own citizens,‭ ‬the average American was free to dismiss such‭ “‬conspiracy theories.‭”  ‬Democrats were free to turn a blind eye to Obama’s unconstitutional legislative measures as they were quick to point out,‭ ‬when challenged,‭ ‬Bush’s infamous Patriot Act.‭  ‬This suggested that if one sitting US President could pass unconstitutional laws,‭ ‬all Presidents were then free to do the same.

Today,‭ ‬the Patriot Act is a household term, the impacts of which are just coming to fruition.‭  ‬Both Democrats and Republicans alike have taken profound offense to the NSA’s unconstitutional acquisition of phone records and administration of programs like PRISM.‭  ‬This bipartisan furor was only escalated by Obama’s smug defense of his Administration’s practices.‭  ‬Unfortunately,‭ ‬the scandal-ridden president may have had the right to take such an arrogant position when considering how today’s Orwelian circumstance came to be.‭

The Patriot Act was passed in response to our inability to cope with the true cost of freedom.‭  ‬It was our government’s combined lack of conservative values and fear of freedom that allowed them the opportunity to grab an almost unlimited and now unabated control over the people.‭  ‬It is now daily that we collectively realize we have lost the liberty and freedom we have taken for granted.‭  ‬However,‭ ‬we refuse to look beyond the‭ ‬2001‭ ‬Patriot Act, with George Bush’s signature neatly affixed.

The Patriot Act, with its implications on freedom, was simply the groundwork for far more damaging Amendments such as‭ ‬FISA.‭  ‬For this,‭ ‬the voter held the Obama Administration responsible ‬and rightfully so, given that it was the Obama Administration that has so fully exploited the American’s insecurity with freedom.‭  ‬The greater problem, however,‭ ‬lies in the bipartisan attack on freedom.‭  ‬It was the Republicans who based their platforms on liberty and freedom.‭  ‬It is also the Republicans whom have shed their commitment to conservative values with their blatant betrayal of freedom and their overwhelming support of the Patriot Act and its even more dangerous Amendments.

Conservatives and Republicans elected politicians with the expectation that freedom and liberty would be defended in congressional halls from the increasingly progressive anti-liberty attacks led by the American Leftist regime.‭  ‬Republicans failed miserably; and the truth,‭ ‬whether we on the Right wish to admit it,‭ ‬is found in the votes.‭

One hundred thirty eight House members voted against the “USA PATRIOT Act Additional Reauthorizing Amendments Act of‭ ‬2006″‭ – ‬a mere‭ ‬13‭ ‬of them were Republicans.‭  ‬The remaining‭ ‬124‭ ‬nay votes were cast by Democrats and a single Independent.‭  ‬The old adage‭ “‬you can’t have it both ways‭” ‬comes to mind.‭  ‬In fact,‭ ‬the voting history of those who have supported the Patriot Act and its damaging Amendments has been led by the Right,‭ ‬not the Left.‭  ‬Such a concept,‭ ‬while disheartening to many,‭ ‬must be addressed both in its entirety and directly by holding those politicians on the Right fully accountable for their betrayal of conservative values,‭ ‬liberty, and freedom.‭  ‬The voting history can be obtained‭ ‬here.‭  ‬To re-elect a single one of these individuals is a betrayal of self,‭ ‬Americanism, and all this great land was intended to be.

To return America to her once-great State,‭ ‬the conservative voice must be heard and no longer coveted simply for the purpose of Republican votes.‭  ‬A sense of accountability must accompany the vote‭. ‬Today, political accountability is missing; and its absence has directly caused the loss of freedom and liberty for all Americans.‭

Clearly,‭ ‬the Republican political elite have fallen completely out of touch with their base.‭  ‬Their cavalier response is a chapter straight out of Obama’s handbook of deceit:‭ ‬blame Bush‭!  ‬John McCain was overly confident in pointing out the Bush Administration’s response to‭ ‬9/11,‭ ‬which fostered the Patriot Act.‭  ‬He has since voted in support of the Act and each of its re-authorizations and Amendments.‭  ‬A voting record of this nature has many referring to McCain as a “RINO,‭” ‬but the reality is that he is actually more of a Republican in terms of practiced politics and is consistent with the larger Party agenda.‭  ‬McCain and others are hardly an exception;‭ ‬they are now the Republican standard that the Right’s conservative voters refuse to acknowledge.‭

Vote them out with the wrath of freedom this great nation was founded under‭!

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