Police Officer Exposed As Illegal Alien

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With tens of millions of illegal immigrants populating the U.S. and countless more crossing our borders every day, it is understandable that law enforcement professionals cannot adequately identify them all. Until enough Americans decide to elect representatives who will address our porous border, the problem will only grow more untenable.

Furthermore, officers tasked with enforcing the law of the land are increasingly being hamstrung by de facto amnesty mandates that prevent them from actively looking for illegals. As a result, millions of undocumented residents continue to blend into our society with virtually no fear of deportation.

That being said, one would imagine that, at the very least, police departments would vet their own officers to determine if they are legally permitted to live in the country. According to a recent report regarding Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, however, that assumption is unfounded.

Carmen Figueroa, a local news agency found, had worked for the DPS for 13 years. In addition to her tenure as an officer, she also served as a department spokesperson. All the while, the department confirmed, she was in the U.S. illegally.

“She resigned on Monday and has been under investigation by the U.S. State Department and DPS since late August,” said spokesperson Bart Graves. He suggested Figueroa was unaware of her illegal status, explaining the investigation began when her brother tried to obtain a visa.

As a border state, Arizona has a large illegal population. In the past, statewide efforts to crack down on the problem have been met with fierce criticism by the amnesty activists on the left. Barack Obama infamously filed a lawsuit against the Grand Canyon State based on its desire to actually enforce federal law.

This backlash has made it increasingly difficult for Arizona and other states to determine who belongs on this side of the border. That fact is blatantly illustrated in the case of this former officer.

When it takes 13 years for a law enforcement agency to identify a criminal within its own ranks, the chances of making headway against illegals in the general population are terribly slim.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. USA is FREEDOM says:

    SOOOooo. . . . . How can I post something about this without NSA, FBI, CIA knocking at my door?
    That's as far as my free speech in America lets me converse.
    Mr. Rogers: "Can we spell, C O M M U N I S M boys and girls?"

    • frederick fabrizio says:


    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I'll say it how I wish to.
      Let NSA, FBI or even the CIA come knocking. They BETTER have a good reason and a proper paper to back them.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    When I applied for a position with my county Law Enforcement, I had to go through many background checks and supply all documentation supporting my United States citizenship.
    How did this person not only get hired, but stay on the force for 13 YEARS?

    Lets hear again how penalizing companies for hiring illegal aliens will deter illegal entry. Just a daydream…

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seek just to get a permit in the state of NY to own a pistol you sign a biorgaphy on your life.Companies could care less about e-verify because the fine is so small to most companies it's chicken feed.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I'm wondering when someone will take NY gun laws into the courts. They are clearly unconstitutional. Just like in Illinois. Someone got tired and took them to court, and won.
        Then, it's not the 'companies' that hire illegal aliens. It's the farms, household help, construction, landscaping companies and such that use them. The major manufacturers don't use illegal aliens. They have too much to lose unlike a farm or a home/hotel.
        People need to look at the facts surrounding illegal aliens and who it is that hire them. It's hard to pay cash in a factory setting.
        That's why I was so surprised that a law enforcement had 'employed' one. If background checks don't work for them, how will it work with firearms?

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Seeks sometimes when you have powerful friends background checks are waved.Down here in SC Perdue was caught hiring illegals to kill chickens and Smithfield got caught also hiring ragheads who couldn't touch hams.Your right about the Farmers.

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