Please Help Hurricane Sandy Victims In Staten Island

Post Hurricane Sandy Waiting in line for gas Creative Commons by canihazit Please help Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island

Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island are suffering far more than is being reported. Won’t you please help?

We need help feeding our neighbors whose lives have been destroyed. We need your prayers as well. The Red Cross and FEMA are doing very good work, but even they are falling behind.

I am a volunteer at a relief center set up by and for ordinary Staten Islanders with no government help. We are retired New York City Police Officers and Firemen. We serve 800 to 1000 meals a day from our own pockets and the generosity of other ordinary people.

I know you are not hearing and/or seeing much about Staten Island in the media, but the devastation is much worse than any single entity can fix without help.

Staten Island is a suburban county within New York City, but that is the extent of our connection to “The City.” The section of Staten Island I am asking for help for consists of largely single family homes, whose owners are mainstream Middle America.

We need help; please help us. We have craftsmen from around the nation working 24/7 to bring homes back online (no, we are not all online yet as the media would suggest) – but we need food and/or money for food.

Anyone wishing to make a donation that will go 100% to feeding Midland Beach Sandy victims can send a check to: Hurricane Relief Fund c/o Knights of Columbus Staten Island Council 1662 22 Hillside Terrace Staten Island NY 10308.

We don’t need clothes. The region and the nation have opened their hearts and closets to provide enough warm clothes for now.

We need food and/or money for food to help feed victims who have nothing, no home or belongings – really nothing because they ran out of their homes in knee-deep water into the night during a raging storm.

One restaurant owner who has been helping us feed people at the Midland Beach Relief Center is Eddie Canlon. Eddie won the Thanksgiving Day episode of the Food Channel’s “Chopped” and is a man who is always there to help others.

You can contact any Staten Island restaurant, but Eddie Canlon has already started donating his own money and services to feed hungry Midland Beach Staten Island victims. You can contact Canlon’s restaurant at: 718 667 3013 1825 North Rail Road Ave SI NY 10306.

Arrange to pay for as many or as few food trays as you wish to be delivered to Midland Beach Relief Center 1126 Olympia Blvd (at Lincoln Ave) SI 10306, and Canlon will take it from there.

Separate issue: if anyone wants to just write a letter of encouragement to Midland Beach victims, they can write to the Midland Beach Relief Center 1126 Olympia Blvd (at Lincoln Ave) SI 10306. Letters of this kind even from strangers can put a smile on weary faces – even if for just a little while.

Would you please circulate this appeal for help for Staten Island victims of Hurricane Sandy?

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  1. They overwhelmingly voted in Obama. They get what they deserve

    • I could not agree more, clh! My answer is NO! As you said, they voted this freak into office, now tell them to go and ask HIM, their little “tin god” for the help he promised!

  2. FloridaCracker says:

    I would not give a nickel to those folks, let the government that they are so fond of provide for all their needs. As far as NYC cops asking for handouts, to help THEIR friends and neighbors, let them take care of their own, I'll do the same down here, let's give up the pretense of being countrymen, I despise you freeloading, parasitic yankee trash and everything you stand for, and I especially can't stand your ridiculous accents.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Floirida,
      There are many yankees that did not vote for this bogus muslim prez, believe me when I tell you that many of us in NY are just as disgusted as you are. This election was stolen by this dirty muslim and most the idiots that voted for obama many of them were 90 percent of blacks and I would not be surprise of the spanish illegals voted, where their was no proof of ID. Sorry about the accent, can't help that.

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