Pitiful: This Is What Caused Rachael Ray To Weep On TV

As the arbitrary deadline to enroll for ObamaCare coverage looms, Obama administration lackeys are ramping up their sales pitches throughout the leftist media landscape. While Obama himself has appeared in numerous venues, including an absurd online appearance with comedian Zach Galifianakis, the White House is counting on less notable shills to bring the message to countless other audiences.

Joe Biden, for example, appeared on Rachael Ray’s talk show Monday, leading the host to literally gush over the prospect of forcing Americans to purchase government-approved healthcare under the penalty of law.

She appeared to choke back tears after thanking Biden and “the administration” for enacting the monumentally unpopular legislation. She used an anecdote from her own family to coerce her viewers into signing up for the train wreck of a law.

“I’m getting teary,” she confessed, “because it’s very emotional for the whole family.”

Biden was given free rein to spew talking points regarding ObamaCare, suggesting the “peace of mind it brings to the millions of people who could not get coverage before is amazing.”

Ray was more than receptive, providing her guest with the ultimate softball question in an effort to hear even more regime rhetoric.

“It’s so important to take advantage of this, right?” she asked.

Unsurprisingly, Biden agreed.

“If you don’t need this for your peace of mind,” he told the elusive young adults needed to offset healthcare costs for older Americans, “do it for mom; do it for dad.”

The desperation of this administration is palpable as multiple delays and modifications to this law have yet to noticeably increase public interest. What began as outrage over an utterly useless enrollment website had evolved to much more nuanced criticism of the law’s outrageous mandates and often prohibitive costs.

That circle of denunciation has come full circle, however, as the HealthCare.gov website has once again become inoperable for users attempting to sign up on the last day of enrollment.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Linda From NY says:

    These Leftist Liberals don't get it nor do they care, I hope the viewers are smart enough NOT to Buy into this BS that they are selling, and I hope the viewers boycotts her show. I wonder if she Ms. Bay brought this Obamascam healthcare for herself

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda isn't it a shame that Ray is a fellow New Yorker and to be sucked in by this half black mongrel cur.She should be ashamed of herself and now I'll never watch her on TV.She should choke on something she makes in the food line

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hi Edward,
        Your right it is a shame, these people who became rich when the Country was still free and now that they have it all and all the money that they want are turning around and doing Satan's bidding.

        These celebrities are helping this man to destroy the very Fabric of this Country, this healthcare is nothing more then a tax on the people who are already struggling to make ends meet and the fact that it is being done by Force is Wrong.

        Since when does the government tell the citizens to buy this or else? Wrong!!! Wrong!!! this should NOT happen in a Free Country, this happens only in communist Countries.

  2. You spelled her 1st name wrong. It's 'RachAel'.

  3. She is loaded with money, so she can't spare a few bucks for her brother?

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