PC Police Trump NC Police With “Secular Prayer” Rule

Bible and Flag PC Police trump NC Police with Secular prayer rule

A Charlotte, N.C., police chaplain recently received some ridiculous news after seven years of serving local officers and the community in that capacity.

Though he is also the pastor of a Christian church (keyword: Christian), Terry Sartain and his fellow chaplains are no longer allowed to mention the name of Jesus during public invocations. In fact, given the invocation’s root word, “invoke”, the term refers to actually calling upon a specific deity. I guess the department will scrap any further use of the term because of this development.

The man in charge of the chaplain program reportedly said the decision was a “matter of respecting that people may have different faiths,” though Sartain said he’s never experienced any backlash from those holding alternate religious views.

Sometimes the PC police infiltrate the actual police, which is apparently what has happened in this community – a North Carolina community nonetheless. I know the Charlotte area is not as conservative as some other areas of the state, such as the beautiful Outer Banks on which I lived for several years, but it’s still not San Fransisco or Chicago. This is a place located squarely on the Bible Belt, which supposedly meant something at some point in the past.

“It brings about a very real concern about where we are heading as a nation,” Sartain reportedly replied. I could not have said it better.

To be clear, the department’s police chaplains are still welcome to pray, as long as the prayer is not directed to Jesus. This distinction led Sartain to ask what I feel to be the only natural follow-up question: to whom exactly should he direct his prayer?

The police department’s reply was that he should deliver “secular” prayers. I’m sorry, but that phrase sounds like an oxymoron. I suppose it could be some reference to meditation or thinking happy thoughts, but either way, there’s not much need for an ordained Christian pastor to deliver them.

Sartain, along with the officers in this department and their families, are just the latest victims in the ongoing culture war, leading the pastor to remove his name from consideration for future public invocations.

When an agency no longer allows a pastor to mention the namesake of his faith, he can no more perform his duties than a doctor prohibited from prescribing medicine.

These anti-Christian leftists tout fairness and compromise when making these demands, as though taking away one group’s liberty will somehow positively affect another group. Just as you won’t get rich if a millionaire loses his money, this argument displays a failed understanding of the word “fair.”

Long-held religious institutions, even the Charlotte police chaplain program, must be preserved in order for the moral backbone of this country to exist. Of course, many on the far left wish to change everything about America, including its Judeo-Christian values. They see government as the one true religion, a secular god in itself. Now that I think about it, I guess that’s why they favor secular prayer.

In my understanding of the Bill of Rights, government is prohibited from interfering in my faith. Liberals interpret it to mean the exact opposite.

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  1. Nick Fortune says:

    These subtle attacks growing incrimentily if not countered will lead to the outright persecution of the church. Why is it always the Christians who must diminish because we might offend others. We represent approximetely 85% of the populace and we need to worry about offending 15% just because we are who we are? "Tolerance" "muliculturalism" "diversity" all about being anti-white and anti-Christian.


  3. TPatriot says:

    Tell them if they don't like it, they can go to hell. Obviously they won't mind because they don't believe in anyway.

  4. Mariesa says:

    As a Christian, from a Christian-created country, I am appalled at the levels of depravity this country has dropped to…and if you follow all that depravity back…it starts when they took prayer out of the schools. Now, the next generation coming up to take our positions in American society, are totally selfish and so out of touch with reality…you think the left is bad?…wait until these kids become our politicians! Actually, I do not believe we will have to wait that long. Our Lord and Savior will return soon, to live forever in Heaven. Michelle Obama once said that she has only been proud of this country on a couple of occasions. Guess she is ecstatic now, because I have never been more ashamed of a country in all my days! As the John says in the Bible, "Amen. Come Lord Jesus." The time is nigh.

  5. capa1960 says:

    As predicted in the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible, these indoctrinations are predicted to come, and the persecutions of the Christian believers are to escalate much more, as the evil forces try to do their best to stamp them out. America was formed in order for The People to have the discipline to accept the people to be free to practice their beliefsi, to live among all nationalities; but now we have those who believe that only THEIR ways should be forced upon everyone without tolerance.

  6. David F. says:

    This country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. If the people on the far left have an issue with it, they are within their Rights and Freedoms to leave the Country and go live under Hugo Chavez or any other Socialist Leader in the world.

    The Term Religious Freedom means that EVERYONE can practice their own Religion as they see fit, as long as it doesn't infringe on other peoples Rights to practice whatever Religion they choose too. This term does NOT mean, as the Founding Fathers saw it, that just seeing the Name Jesus, Allah, God, Lord or a Cross, or the Star of David, or the Muslim (which is more of an Ideology than a Religion in my opinion) Crescent, that it should be taken down or removed because it hurts your little feelings. The Founding Fathers meant that you couldn't go out as a Muslim and Behead someone because they have a different faith, or anything like this.

    For far too long we have sat back and let our Religious Beliefs be attacked by Atheists, and our Right to believe as we do taken away step by step by step. It is time to tell the Atheists "If you don't like the Word GOD, ALLAH, LORD, or having a Prayer on a wall, or giving a Prayer at a Football Game, then they should just look away from the offending symbol/Name/Prayer on a Wall…or if a Prayer is said before a Football game or any other event they don't have to participate but they should have the common courtesy to be quiet during that minute or two", after all how exactly is it hurting them. Have then medical cases of people who have listened to a Prayer that caused their Ears to Bleed, or saw the word "GOD" "Allah" "Lord" that caused their eyes to bleed? No there hasn't.

  7. Jc vastine says:

    JESUS is GOD satin time is running out on this earth he is soon to be put in hell for eturnty

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Satin? That's a fabric isn't it? It's Satan FYI.
      Just teasing. No harm meant

    • catloverdee says:

      I hope Madeline Murray O'Hare is burning there. She was the first Atheist activist I ever heard of back in the 50s. Things were good back then. I have a hard time believing that something like this could happen in beautiful Charlotte. You hear invocations in Jesus's name at the Raceway all of the time.

  8. Brent Hawkins says:

    If I tell them that the word "alla" offend me, are they going to stop them from using that word in THEIR prayers?

  9. As far as I'm concerned, if people don't like Christianity, they can stop coming to our Christian country. I am quite certain that if prayers were made in the name of allah, all the naysayers would be ok with THAT! This is America; a Christian country. Get use to it or leave~!

  10. irishseamoss says:

    The old story…first they came for the Jews…I said nothing…they came for the Catholics…I said nothing….there was no one left they came for me there was no one to speak. Either you speak now, speak loudly and make sure that Jesus Christ the Lord God creator of heaven and earth is the one who brought us here or there will be nothing for no one but hell, Obama, and Muslims.

  11. The reason the left and non believers, get away with these things even though they are a small percentage in America. Is because the Christian faith is divided. With so many different Christian churches and none of them getting along with each others their is no way of teaming together as just a christian faith nation and fight the left and non believers. If all the different Chistian faith combined together and told these gov. law makers they would be out of a job on election day. They would stop taking god out of the gov building and schools and society. And would tell the non christian to go pack sand.

    • Nanna Gail says:

      Jjones: I have no problem getting along with Christians of other Christian Faiths. I can see no reason, why we couldn't all pull together to save our country and our Christian beliefs, albiet that they may differ a little from each other. I DO NOT include MUSLIM in this.

  12. Pastor Max Sanchez says:

    Talk about attack on Christians! Let this joker pray to whomever he wants, but as for me, an ordained pastor, I would 'invoke' the name of Jesus in all my prayers and if it insults him, so be it. I would rather face termination as a police chaplain than to be shackled to such policy. I have given last rites to a motorcycle victim and the way he held my hand I could tell he had peace at the sound of Jesus during my prayer for him. The word reminds me that I will persecuted for Jesus sake and if I don't feel persecuted then I am doing something wrong. Jesus was persecuted and crucified for us and now sits at the right hand of the Father. _Jesus come quick……Maranatha!

  13. Are you over 40?
    I think you're going to connect with this as I have.
    Raymond http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/6dbBfXCMbH4

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Dang you Raymond, I'm NEVER getting OLD! LOL =P
      Or did I forget I'm old? I keep getting those two mixed up…

  14. I live in a bedroom community near Charlotte and this absolutely astounds me to read this garbage. I will do this from now on whenever I encounter a Charlotte Police Officer I will say "Hello in Jesus Name". It is now, no, it is past time for Americans to be who and what we are…Bible reading..Jesus loving..God fearing people of the Most High. If we deny this and travel in another direction there is only one other way to go. There are only 2 entities in the Universe with which you can give your allegiance. If not to Jesus, then you know who's left. You fools who are behind this are nothing more than demons in disguise. I implore all those who are called by Jesus name to stand up and crush the serpents head in this matter.

  15. I would also request that you read the Mecklenburg County Declaration of Independence, which was written a year before the national Declaration and tell me who the writers gave their allegiance to. I also have a list of EVERY Preamble to EVERY state Constitution. In EVERY one of them there is reference to and loyalty and thanks given to the Creator God Almighty. It is time for those of us who KNOW the truth to rise up and stop this madness. "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson Ultimately I have to answer to Jesus, not some half witted, brain dead, spiritually corrupt secular politician. And as far as I know, everybody who reads what I have written and those who don't read what I have written will answer to the same JUDGE. His name is Jesus. You may take up this matter with Him !

  16. James Mickey McCarth says:

    Nancy Pelosi is re-elected because she is the darling of the queer society. Poor St. Francis is turning over in his grave because they named the city after him. Keep saying your prayers and include Jesus in them, since if all of us say them, even Obamamama can't steal enough federal money to put us all in jail.

  17. Very Marxist of the city leaders, way to go, make the police secular in a largely Christian city, separate them from the citizens while advocating community policing. The police are to protect and serve but not mention Jesus Christ, hope one of them doesn't use it as an exclamation, you know, along with "did you see that?". There goes a caree. Did they also require the police to remove mention of Islam and Islamic terrorists in their rules, regulations and training courses like the fed law enforcement agencies?

  18. Charles Roberts says:

    Let me be very clear. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is God in the flesh. He was born of a virgin, having given up more than we can imagine in riches, he came to this earth, lived a perfect life and died, without sin, for a sinner like me. He went to Hell, captured the keys to Death and Hell and arose the third day, victorious! He is Holy! He is above all in fame and majesty! Asking for nothing but our love, He has given all. Satan is scared! His time is coming and he can do nothing about it. He will not silence the name of JESUS! At the name of JESUS every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Some have a different eternal destination than others but all will bow and confess him LORD. He is Lord and I will not back down, nor will my praise be silenced!

  19. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If I was the Pastor, I'd stay true to God and pray as I wanted. What will they do, put him in jail? Then we'd see a backlash.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks I belive what they would do is find away to fire him claiming he's not doing his job. These pc people are snakes like the one in the Adam and Eve story.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Romans 8:31 KJV
        "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"
        If he is truly a man of God, he will be defended.

  20. JCARROLL says:


  21. John Handforth says:

    Before a chaplain says a prayer, or gives a blessing, he should warn everyone present that he will give a silent pause where the Name of the Deity would normally be. The people may think of the Deity that they would pray to, or say it if they are so inclined.

    The chaplain cannot influence their choice, whether they choose Allah, Ba'al, Christ, God, Jesus, Lucifer, or Obama.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      John Handforth.

      "I would rather ye be hot or cold than lukewarm, the lukewarm I vomit out of my mouth" The Lord Jesus Christ.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
      Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  22. Eddie is right. When this country was first founded, you COULD NOT hold an office unless you believed in God and his son. Jesus Christ. We have not had these problems until the last few years. Now is seems like the Islams and the atheists run the country, and we are constantly sitting by doing nothing while they take our right away to worship God and Jesus. True we can worship him in private and our churches, but Jesus want us to worship him openly, and tell others about him. A few more years, maybe less, our country will no longer be recognizable as the United States of America, but more like Afghanistan, or other countries like that. What do you suppose would happen if we went to a Musl im country and tried to change it to Christianity? Stop all this politically correct garbage and do what is American correct. If people don't like our ways, they can go back to their home country, but leave us alone. Wish our senate and congress would stand up for us, but that doesn't seem possible anymore. They are all greedy power and money hungry cowards.

  23. Jammer2 says:

    A little note to the PC police: SCREW YOU

  24. Evermyrtle says:

    The name JESUS CHRIST have the liberals scared out of their socks.They are afraid to even have HIS NAME spoken anywhere. I believe they have a reason to be afraid, but thinking that they can disallow it to be mentioned is not the solution. the solution is to accept HIM and they will love HIM as much as we Christians love and honor HIM.

  25. Disgusted says:

    Well, well well. It sounds as if the PC police might just have a problem when it comes to we Christians. Or, I sure do hope they have one, a giant, huge, ginormous one, for if we are ashamed of Him now, then one day not too far off in the future, He will be ashamed of us, and the price of that shame is a lost soul, or many souls. You see, they can only kill us once, in our human forms, but they cannot kill our souls, our souls live on forever. It is our own choice, the freedom to choose which master we will serve, and that is the most important choice of all. Those of us who beleive that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and have given Him our hearts and lives, will have to be strong in our beleifs and not lose faith or lose our courage, because we will soon need all the courage, and each other more than we know at this point in time. The times will grow much harder for Christians, it has been told to us in prophycy, (having trouble spelling that word). So we must be strong, and not allow these evil men and women to scare us into taking the easy path, for that easy path now will become the harder of the paths in time. Islam, or, IS SLIME is a lie. It is sent from the Father of Lies, and as such, is a sure path to hell, and to eternal destruction. The muslimes beleive it to be true, and our Bible tells us, “beleive a lie, and be damned”. I am not being “profane”, simply quoting scripture. Eternal damnation awaits all those who choose to beleive the lies of islam. That is the truth, plain and simple. God is a loving God, but He is also a jealous God, and will not be mocked, and does not stand for other “gods” before Him. “Thou shall have no other Gods before me”, refer to the 10 COMMANDMENTS, and, they are not the “10 Suggestions”, they are COMMANDMENTS STRAIGHT FROM GOD HIMSELF! Given to Moses on the mountain, and given to the Hebrews on their way to Cannan. To deny God, is to deny one’s self the road to Heaven. To deny one’s self eternal life, and to escape eternal damnation. We will not recieve 72 virgins, and rivers of honey. We will recieve eternal life, because of the sacrifice that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ made that day on the Cross. No other way, but through Jesus, can one get to heaven. But we have to keep Him in mind, and in our hearts for as long as it takes, we cannot fail Him, for, He did not fail us, He never has.

  26. It's about time the American people tell the PC police where to go . this is our country and over 80 % believe in God so the rest can just leave the room
    . or leave the country and take the muslim in the white house with you.

  27. Nanna Gail says:

    Hey PC Police…. In Jesus name I wish you would just disappear,

    • HEY PC Police ….if you don`t like Jesus , if you don`t like my Christianity , just Get the Hell out of my face and Retrieve to your satanic cave and Stay There.

  28. Go to Australia and try your PC policing and see how far you get.

  29. Edwardkoziol says:

    When the police catch one of the PC police they should go out of their to give the man/woman a ticket for anything including breathing.With this crazy jig we have as president a lot of this crap is happening because this is what Obunghole wants Chaos.

  30. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    Any Chaplain ordered to do this should immediately render his resignation. St. Peter had the last word on this and it was something like this "it is better to offend man than to offend God".

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  31. America's heritage is Christian not Judao/Christian.

  32. If you notice these kinds of actions are on the increase. If enough people get angry enough to riot or go completely against these actions and are violent about them this will give Obama an excuse to invoke martial law and suspend all elections. Don't fall for it folks. After Obama and his buddies (Eric Holder) are removed from office then we can go after them. Don't let Obama continue in the WH by invoking martial law. Obama and his buddies are trying to cause these problems. If anyone out there thinks of calling me racist your wrong. Since when does a disagreement make a person racist? Also it might interest you to know I am a white man married to a black women. If that's not enough God created only one race and that the human race.

    • The solution is Very Simple : if 10% of the American Population, that is 30 Million of real Patriots ,would Unite and * UNITED WE STAND * * UNITED WE ARE THE POWER * , only a Fool would come against us . That 10% would be the most powerful organization against the Enemy ,foreign and domestic ; there is no military organization of that size on this planet ; obama`s army ,black panthers, tsa,and all the rest of craps on obama`s side would be running and pissing on their pants; all the 10% has to do is to * STAND TALL * and say NO to obama`s distorted mentality.

      30 Million American Patriots * UNITED WE STAND * it is all it takes to CLEAN UP the garbage .
      Now ……how difficult is to achieve this idea ???? It is matter of being a FREE man in a free Nation or become a slave. Please pass the idea of the 10% around. Thanks.

  33. It’s coming folks… listen closely; can you hear it? It’s coming… REVOLUTION.

  34. sylviaJ says:

    I am not a resident of North or South Carolina, but I do have an opinion on this matter. We are a CHRISTION REPUBLIC with freedon of Religion no matte which one. We have known this for over 200 yr's. My OPINION is that the ones that don't want to see, hear, or celebrate Jesus by name or whatever, CAN LEAVE OUR COUNTRY AT ANY TIME. If they don't like our laws STOP USING OUR CONSTITUTION AGAINST US AND LEAVE OUR COUNTRY. we did NOT invite you here in the first place. I have notheing against the people that migrated here for a better life, fine as long as you are legal, and knoe WE ARE A CHRISTION COUNTRY.

    • I stand TALL with you ;Thank you for your explanation ;I am a Free man in a Free Nation and I Intend to Keep it that way; Blessings.

  35. Well Christian or not, I do believe the Christian teachings are right for America and should be followed by every American just for the sake of peace! That is why I have such a lack of tolerance for Muslims who care not about peace and love! They cannot even love a woman properly! I have heard it said that religion is the political exploitation of man which may be true..but I still try to live as a Christian JUST BECAUSE IT IS GOOD!

  36. Dennis Dyer says:

    The smart Christian can ace this one if they put His real name there, Yeshua. Jesus is a Greek word that means savior and is not His name. Translation difficulty to say the least. In Hebrew Yeshua means “Messiah” and if your bible memory is still intact you will remember on the eight day Yeshua was circumcised and given a name BY THE FATHER and the priest got terribly upset because they, as a people. were waiting for a Messiah but the law was set for a reason and the priest couldn’t stop it. Jesus then is more of a title like God, God isn’t in the original text but was changed to that because the name of God was too important for the people to say. Even Christ is a Greek word that means anointed, I mean are you a part of the body of Yeshua (Jesus) or the body of anointed?

  37. charles says:

    If people will just start defying these ruleings and carry on as usuali they will win. I know we are being monitered so heres my challange to you you have my email address come tell me to stop praying I dare you . But just a bit of advice you sure as hell better bring help cause your going to need it. Iam waiting for you ass hole.

  38. Wow, I would love to see what the muslims would do if the "police" tried to tell them what to do. Do you see a beheading here? With a muslim in the White House the Christians in this country are doomed. We really need to get him out before he does any more damage to the United States. I'm not even sure if we can reverse all the illegal damage he has caused so far. Every politician who refuses to stand against this dictator also needs to go – doesn't matter what party they are. If they won't or can't stand up to a self imposed dictator, we don't need them.

  39. Gary Nelson says:

    In the United States of America that I was brought up in, we had FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Unfortunately, the "Politically Correct" thing today is freedom FROM religion. Since 1976 I have said "Why be politically correct when you can be RIGHT!" As a nation, the United States has got to return to its roots as a Judeo-Christian nation in order to get back into the graces of God. We (Americans) should not be ruled by the feelings of our visitors (invaders and ilegals). Let true Americans set the scene and screw political correctness. In other words, call a spade a spade… not a shovel.

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