If What Pat Buchanan Just Said Is True, Ferguson Could Be The Downfall Of The Democratic Party

Photo Credit: Bbsrock (Creative Commons)

As looters and rioters continue to wreak havoc in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting death by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, prominent conservative Patrick Buchanan sees the civil unrest having a much broader effect on the nation.

In a recent Daily Caller interview, Buchanan expounded on some similarities between the current situation and the riots that came out of the civil rights movement nearly half a century ago. During that period, he served as a presidential adviser to Richard Nixon and witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the violent protests.

He explained that the violence unleashed on the streets of Ferguson is having a polarizing effect outside of that community, noting that the Democrat Party will likely bear the brunt of the citizenry’s outrage.

While radical leftists might be emboldened by the riots to become even more politically active, Buchanan seemed confident that those who “recoil” from such “looting and vandalism” will far outpace them on Election Day.

“I don’t think that that is going to be helpful to the party of Rev. Sharpton or Jesse Jackson,” Buchanan noted, clarifying that he believes “the violence and the looting are going to cause a lot of folks to recoil from those who appear to be condoning those sorts of acts.”

While there might be little vocal opposition among a majority of Americans, he said that upcoming elections will give voters an opportunity to speak with their ballots.

“A lot of people just watch these things, observe quietly and talk with each other,” he said, predicting the culmination of this brewing tension will be apparent after the midterm votes are tallied.

He said the “silent majority” typically reacts this way, noting that Barack Obama is not doing his party any favors by interjecting his opinion into the national debate without the benefit of all the relevant facts.

“The president should really call for calming down,” Buchanan advised, “let the law go forward and the facts presents themselves.”

Photo Credit: Bbsrock (Creative Commons)

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  1. The dems have voter fraud. They are not worried.

  2. Sounds great!!!!

  3. suzyshopper says:

    This president wants civil unrest, therefore he can declare martial law, and suspend the Nov election!!

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