Pastor Sues After Receiving “pagan” License Plate

Flickr Creative Commons Greendyker No Christianity logo Pastor sues after receiving pagan license plate

Anyone familiar with my position relating to tort reform understands that I feel this nation’s overly litigious nature is a factor in many of our current ills.

While I firmly stand by that assertion, I also believe a lawsuit can sometimes be the only way to bring much deserved attention to an issue that might otherwise be ignored.

Such is the situation with a case filed by Bethany, Okla. pastor Keith Cressman. Though Christian messages are often banned as images or phrases on license plates, Cressman was taken aback by the inclusion of Native American theology during a recent visit to the DMV.

While a pro-life message was blocked in North Carolina just months before, the pastor said he was compelled upon accepting his new plates to become a “mobile billboard” for a belief he doesn’t share.

The tags bear an image of an archer who, according to Apache belief, will be able to bring rain by using a specific arrow.

An appeals court is allowing his case to continue after it was shot down by a judge after a prior hearing.

Speaking for his client, Center for Religious Expression attorney Nathan Kellum said that Cressman is constitutionally protected from displaying “an image that communicates a pagan practice” that contradicts his own belief system.

While there are other personalized license plate designs from which he could choose for an additional fee, Cressman said he should not face a financial penalty for requesting inoffensive tags.

Once again, the dichotomous nature of modern leftists is on full display. While Christian themes are altogether unavailable, Christians themselves face a choice of displaying a heathen practice or paying a premium to choose an alternate image.
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