Parents Just Sent A Harsh Message To Michelle Obama She Can’t Ignore

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Michelle Obama continues to face widespread criticism of her activist approach to childhood nutrition. Under her direction, the federal government has implemented numerous regulations accused of making public school meals unappetizing for students and unaffordable for districts.

The Healthy Way of Life Company recently conducted a survey of parents in an effort to determine how these changes have been received. While more than four in 10 confirmed their belief that there should be additional changes made to school nutrition programs, the overwhelming majority say that programs currently in place are not effective.

In fact, the survey shows that a paltry six percent think that Obama’s restrictions have had any noticeable effect on the quality of food being served in public school lunchrooms.

Nearly three in 10 parents admit they are not familiar with the reforms that took effect earlier this month, which place caps on a number of nutritional categories in meals provided at school. Another 22 percent say the changes have not brought about improvements of any kind.

Although the Life Time Foundation, the parent organization behind the survey, is itself a proponent of strict school nutrition regulations, the report reveals that, as with students and educators, the current guidelines are being rejected by parents.

“In the face of overwhelming childhood obesity and diabetes rates, we believe real commitments need to be made to provide healthier foods to kids at school,” Life Time Director James McGuire said.

Nearly three-quarters of respondent apparently agree, stating they would provide additional lunch money – up to $2 extra per meal – to ensure that the food their kids receive at school is healthy.

The survey also identified an obvious divide between the attention parents give the food they provide at home and their engagement in school lunch options. More than twice as many respondents report they regularly monitor the nutrition information of food they prepare than those who review the contents of school meal options.

Photo credit: spirit of america /

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Parents rise up and tell The Grape Ape (Moochelle Obutthole) to go back to the jungle and eat her KFC and watermelon and leave ourkids alone. No one electer her to anything and it's bad enough her mongrel husband was electe.

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    Get the GMOs and the damn sugar and corn syrup out of foods and the kids will become skinny and healthy. Since when do you need sugar in bread, dinner rolls, most processed foods, milk, salad dressings, tomato sauces….it is in everything. A pizza contains a lot of sugar…why !!!!!! That is the cause of obesity…. These kids are fat because of underhanded Government guidelines…not diet selections. The she/ he/ it needs to shut up and go away. The she/ he/ it needs to complain to congress for allowing manufacturing companies to ruin our foods and do what it takes to eliminate the food processing toxins.

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