Panetta Set To Announce Expanded Military Role For Women

Leon Panetta SC Panetta Set to Announce Expanded Military Role for Women

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta spoke Thursday morning on lifting the ban on women in combat in advance of a more formal announcement later in the day.

“As secretary of defense, I know that opening more opportunities for our most qualified men and women in uniform strengthens our ability to fight and to win the nation’s wars,” Panetta said Thursday at a Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance event.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    all I can say is any lezzie who wants to fight have their own platoon like they should with the gays.This shouldn't bother them as long as they get the same weapons as the men.I'm also sure the taliban would like to fight the bra brigade and capture a few.

  2. Panetta, you rival the "illegal alien" for stupidity. If I was back in the Corps, I would not want a woman to watch my back. This is my preference, but other men may disagree.

  3. The timing of this, a distraction to the Bengaghzi debacle.

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