Palin’s AR-15 Tweet Sends Leftists Into A Frenzy…

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has grown accustomed to serving as a lightning rod for perpetually outraged leftists. Virtually anything she says or does is castigated by those who hate the fact that she embraces the conservative principles that led to America’s greatness.

Combining her already reviled status among left-wing radicals and an unabashed endorsement of gun ownership resulted in a renewed outpouring of hate among a number of social media users this week.

As a way to promote her new Sportsman Channel program, “Amazing American with Sarah Palin,” she posted an attention-grabbing tweet about the one rifle that seems to irritate gun-grabbers more than any other: the AR-15.

The response from opponents was swift and severe. While some of the responses contained profanity Western Journalism declines to repost here, the following offers a few examples of the rhetoric used against her.

Of course, the conservative icon is no stranger to such personal attacks based on her deeply held values. Though any criticism of females by conservatives is deemed by the mainstream media as part of a phantom ‘war on women,’ there are conspicuously few willing to defend Palin against a relentless leftist onslaught.

If anything, though, the ongoing assault seems to only make her appeal among supporters even stronger. To be sure, Palin’s supposedly offensive tweet received plenty of approval by those who recognize her contribution to the conservative movement – and the importance of a robust right to bear arms.

Photo Credit: Therealbs2002 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Joshua Bales says:

    Love Sarah Palin. Morals and values come from faith and the word of God. Laws come from man. America was great because are laws used to come from Gods 10 commandments and the seven deadly sins. As of the last many presidents through the desires of the haves. Are laws are made to control the good hearted American people. Actually, all good hearted people. The haves do not go by any laws morals or values. One of their people. It’s all about money and power. I herd a couple decades ago.. “Follow the money” if you want to know the truth. No matter how much money we give to our current administration. The money will never go to our debt. We the American people did not put America into debt the establishment did. The Greek people did not put Greece into debt. Their establishment did and the same for every other country that is in an economic crises. They want us in debt up to our ears. They do not want us to have any breathing room. They do want us to have three thirty hour a week jobs. Disconnect our family lives with our brothers, sisters, parents friends and families. They want free TV and video games to raise our kids when they get home from being programmed at their schools. Schools only teach opinion and perception. Color inside the lines and don’t think outside the box. Question nothing because our opinion is fact to you. Take this… “Our general was a great man. He killed five enemies in a fierce battle”. In this statement. What is probably fact and what is opinion? The only probably facts are ” our general” and “killed five”. The rest is opinion.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I respect Sarah Palin more now then before because she knows how to get into the minds of these silly libtards.They can't stand her when she craps all over them. Sarah keep up the good work and everyone should own an AR15 great gun.

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