Palin Says Rice’s View On Abortion Shouldn’t Disqualify Her As VP

Sarah Palin 4 SC Palin says Rices view on abortion shouldnt disqualify her as VP

Sarah Palin thinks Condoleezza Rice would make a “wonderful” vice president, and dismissed concerns that the former of secretary of State might not oppose abortion rights.

“I think that Condoleezza Rice would be a wonderful vice president,” Palin told Fox News on Thursday night. She compared Rice’s past experience favorably to that of Obama.

The Drudge Report on Thursday reported that Rice has emerged as the front-runner in the Mitt Romney campaign’s search for a VP. Rice has previously told CBS News “there is no way I will do this,” speaking of becoming Romney’s running mate. But it is not unusual for the eventual choice to publicly refuse the job initially.

Rice might not be popular with all evangelicals due to what she has called her “mildly pro-choice” views. Most of the large anti-abortion-rights groups, such as National Right to Life, Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List, have united behind Romney for president, but Rice as running mate might compromise the support of their members.

But Palin dismissed concerns over Rice’s stance on the subject.

Read More at the Hill. By Alicia M. Cohn.

Photo Credit: stevegarfield (Creative Commons)

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