Palin: “I Do Not Have Respect” for Romney’s Debt-Deal Performance

Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller

Sarah Palin knocked presidential candidate Mitt Romney for waiting until the debt-ceiling compromise was a “done deal” before speaking out against it.

“Bless his heart, I have respect for Mitt Romney, but I do not have respect for what he has done through this debt increase debate,” she said Tuesday night in a Fox News interview.

“He waited until it was a done deal that we would increase the debt ceiling and more money would be spent, more money borrowed and then spent on bigger government,” the former Alaska governor said. “And then he came out and he made a statement that ‘oh he didn’t like the deal after all.’”

On Monday, Romney said, “While I appreciate the extraordinarily difficult situation President Obama’s lack of leadership has placed Republican Members of Congress in, I personally cannot support this deal.”

Palin said that was too late to matter.

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  1. Palin was right and it was a calculated political move by Romney.

  2. Trump also called Romney "missing in action" in the debt deal negotiations & bodes ill for how he will behave in the future. He is no doubt, another weak-kneed RINO.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    i dont respect the debt deal.More should have been cut.

  4. This is a new trend to keep public awareness down, Like Perry behind doors stopping the anit-TSA bill and then later coming out against it. Gay Marriage RomneyCare, isn't going to come against anything progressive, until it's too late to late just to look good. How stupid does he thing people are, well obviously he things people are dumb animals.
    Palin for president!

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