‘Mother Of All Retractions': Falsified ‘Gay Marriage’ Study Just Put Lib News In The Doghouse

Several major media outlets were forced to retract stories after a study concerning Americans’ views on same-sex marriage was shown to be a fraud.

Donald Green, a political science professor at Columbia University, and Michael LaCour, a graduate student at UCLA, published a study in the Science journal late last year entitled When Contact Changes Minds: An Experiment on Transmission of Support for Gay Equality.

The premise of the study was that voters’ views on same-sex marriage could be changed rapidly with the use of canvassers going door-to-door.

The problem was that all the data was fabricated. The fraud was discovered by two UC Berkley graduate students, David Broockman and Josh Kalla, who sought to do an extension of the study.

Two red flags soon popped up as they began their work: 1) the response rates that the supposed canvassers received was much higher than in other studies; and, 2) the answers the canvassers supposedly received were too consistent.

When the two tried to launch a pilot study based off the original study’s findings, their concerns were further validated.

As reported by Vox, under the title The Biggest Political Science Study of Last Year Was a Complete Fraud:

Thinking that maybe LaCour and Green’s survey firm was just unusually good, Broockman and Kalla contacted it and asked to speak to the staffer said to be responsible. The firm said it had never heard of the project, never had an employee by that name, and didn’t even have the capabilities to carry out a study along the lines of the one LaCour and Green described.

The two also contacted Green and enlisted the additional help of a Yale professor, but ended up finding even more irregularities in the study.

When Green contacted his co-author LaCour’s adviser at UCLA in order to obtain the raw data, he learned that none existed.

Green has since asked the Science journal to retract the article. LaCour, who was to become an assistant professor at Princeton, no longer lists the position on his website.

In addition to Vox, the following news outlets have updated their stories to notify their readers that the study was a fraud: The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. You can read their retractions here.

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A Family Takes Action When A Crazed Man Pours Gas On The Car And Sets His Sights On The Baby

According to recent reports, an apparent kidnapping and murder attempt was thwarted when a family worked together to stop the attacker and protect a young child. The incident occurred on a freeway in Wildomar, Calif., when a woman says her family was targeted while performing some roadside auto maintenance.

Charlene Roberts recalled the harrowing encounter that left her and her family battered and bruised – but alive to tell the tale.

“Every attack, every hit was meant for the baby,” she said, referring to her 18-month-old son in the back seat. “It wasn’t meant for us. He was trying to kidnap the child; and who knows what he would have done with him after that?”

Instead of achieving his goal, however, Roberts said she was able to partially shield the boy from the attack, bearing the brunt herself. As a result, she was left with several stab wounds and contusions.

“The car seat was right here and I’m like this on top of the baby trying to protect him,” she recalled. “And there was one point where I was looking at him face-to-face because he was in the car.”

The man she referred to, police believe, is Nicholas Garcia, 44, who was arrested at the scene.

“He was out of his mind,” added Roberts’ brother, James St. Clair.

He went on to describe the attacker as “just frantically screaming at us and yelling,” adding that he was completely incoherent during the attack.

After bashing his way into the vehicle and assaulting its occupants, Roberts said the man began pouring gas on the car and lit a match. Despite the fact that the flat tire which forced them off the road had not yet been replaced, the family took off on three wheels to avoid further injury.

Garcia, who police believe was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the incident, had to be subdued with a stun gun upon officers’ arrival. He is now facing criminal charges including attempted murder.

h/t: IJReview

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Exposed: The Left’s Most Egregious Catch-22

I’ve been talking about this for years (as have many of my fellow conservatives).

It is something that should continue to be pressed relentlessly. In the politically correct analysis of what constitutes ‘hate speech,’ whose agenda reigns supreme?

I’m speaking specifically of the two most hostile sects of American citizenry these days: Militant gays and Militant Muslims.

We now have mega corporations and our own government bowing and capitulating to the sensitivities and preferences of Constitution-defying militants above and beyond the general population. Such sensitivities often result in the troubling manifestation of threats, lawsuits, and boycotts against private citizens (as well as public officials) who merely choose to exercise their first amendment right to free speech/expression of faith. Not only are people losing their businesses and livelihoods, but they are even threatened with bodily harm by activists determined to have their worldview imposed on the majority. Are we still living in America?

Our own president continues to lecture and admonish various non-Islamic (i.e. Kenya, India, etc.) countries for their lack of inclusivity and forward thinking (while ignoring the least tolerant – Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.). However, there must certainly come a time when the Islamic–easily the most prominent and aggressive persecutors of gays–call for adherence and sharia compliance will include the ‘LGBTs.’

Why are the proposed boycotts in places like Indiana not extending to those countries that throw poor souls alleged to exhibit same-sex desires off buildings?

These are the types of questions that must be asked of every liberal commentator, activist, theologian, and politician loudly and aggressively time and time again. This must be done boldly and repeatedly before even one more religious conservative is unjustly targeted, maligned, and vilified for soundly maintaining a right of conscience on well-founded religious and existential grounds. The general lack of moral consistency from the left is astounding.

Ultimately, this is the crux of the culture war. Thrust open this Pandora’s box, and we get to the true spiritual heart of the matter. The extended denial of the hypocrisy at play can only lead to one logical conclusion – complicity by design. We would be correct to recognize George Soros’ arbitrary global standard of morality as conceived in his reworked Open Society ideology to account for the seemingly incompatible dichotomy, no doubt.

Let the ramifications of a forced disclosure fly, that the one true God be soundly presented as The Solution!

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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Boy Scouts President Just Made Stunning Move Regarding Gay Scout Leaders

Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates ruffled more than a few feathers this week with a recommendation he made at the organization’s annual national meeting. The BSA’s longstanding ban on homosexual scout leaders, he said, is a policy in need of revision.

Citing a cultural shift in how gays are viewed in America – along with legal challenges against the right of Christians to speak out against homosexuality – Gates explained that it is only a matter of time before the Boy Scouts are taken to court because of its perceived discrimination against gays.

“If we wait for the courts to act,” he cautioned, “we could end up with a broad ruling that could forbid any kind of membership standard.”

Instead, Gates recommended a proactive policy allowing individual troops to set their own policies.

“Such an approach,” he explained, “would allow all churches, which sponsor some 70 percent of our Scout units, to establish leadership standards consistent with their faith. We must, at all costs, preserve the religious freedom of our church partners to do this.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which sponsors more Boy Scout troops than any other faith, has already responded to the new proposal. In a statement released this week, the church did not lay out any concrete plans, instead stating that if Gates is correct in his assurance that local groups may establish their own standards, “then the church is not likely to be affected.”

Gates’ recommendation was not the first controversial stance the BSA has taken regarding homosexuality. As Western Journalism reported in 2013, the organization lost support among some churches following its decision to allow homosexuals to become scouts.

Will allowing gay scout leaders further alienate the Boy Scouts from its faith-based supporters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Thug Allegedly Murdered Four And Burned Mansion, But His Pizza Crust Gave Him Away

The investigation into a multiple murder case took a strange turn for Washington, D.C., police officers this week. After a family of three and a housekeeper were found dead in the remains of a mansion set ablaze late last week, police combed through the ashes and discovered a clue that led them directly to a suspect.

Upon finding the leftover crust from a pizza, investigators tracked down its source to a local Domino’s location. An employee confirmed he delivered two pizzas to Savvas Savopoulos’ home on the night of the fire, explaining to Fox News that he left them outside and took an envelope containing payment from the front porch.

A DNA analysis of the crust led authorities to conduct a manhunt for 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint who, as of the latest reports available, remains at large. Police in New York are following up on leads that he might have traveled to Brooklyn after the crime.

Further evidence being released by authorities includes one witness who claims Wint left $40,000 cash at his home on the day of the murders – money that was not recovered when police searched the residence. The Savopoulos’ sports car was taken from the home and subsequently ditched in Maryland, where it was found burned.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier offered some insight into Wint’s possible motive in a press conference.

“What we can tell you right now is that we do believe there is a connection between the suspect in this case through the business,” she explained. “So right now it does not appear that this was a random crime.”

Savopoulos was the CEO of Maryland-based American Iron Works, a company for which Wint reportedly once worked.

h/t: Fox News

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