Iranian Official Announces Tehran Is Very Close To Atomic Bomb While State Department Now Admits Nuclear Agreement Not Signed

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., once again exposed what some refer to as the Obama administration’s total failure to forge a good nuclear agreement with Iran.

Earlier, Pompeo – together with Senator Tom Cotton –  had revealed that the agreement with Iran contained secret side deals that would allow Iran to take samples of soil in the military complex at Parchin, where the regime is suspected to have conducted tests with detonators for nuclear warheads. Normally, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducts these tests during official inspections.

Now, Pompeo got the State Department to admit that the nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran was “never signed and was not legally binding.”

Pompeo had asked the State Department if he could see the signed agreement, but Julia Frifield, the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, responded by writing a letter in which she admitted that the agreement was not signed. Pompeo published the letter on his website.

Here are the most important parts of Frifield’s letter:

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement and is not a signed document …The success of the JCPOA will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place, as well as Iran’s understanding that we have the capacity to re-impose — and ramp up — our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments.

Pompeo responded to Frifield’s letter:

For the State Department to try to defend the unsigned and non-binding Iran nuclear agreement by calling it a “political commitment” is about as absurd as the terms of the deal itself. … Instead of forging an agreement with Iran that will protect Americans and prevent the world’s largest state sponsor of terror from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration caved to Iranian bullies and serial nuclear cheaters. Unsigned, this agreement is nothing more than a press release and just about as enforceable.

In September, Western Journalism reported that Iran had not signed the agreement, and Pompeo knew this as well. The real news is that Pompeo now got the State Department to admit that the JCPOA has not been signed by the parties who negotiated the deal and is not a binding agreement for Iran (for the U.S., it is binding because the Obama administration didn’t veto the deal in the UN Security Council).

One of the verification measures Frifield referred to is the IAEA investigation into weapon-related nuclear work that Iran has conducted in the past.

The agency has now announced that it will not be able to reach a definitive conclusion on the issue. “The IAEA report will not be black and white,” IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said on Thursday during a press conference, while adding that any decision on further investigation will be up to the IAEA member states.

Amano also told reporters that the IAEA is “not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran,” and thus cannot conclude that “all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.”

The Tower observed that this “echoed an observation Amano made in January when he revealed that the IAEA is ‘not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.’”

Iran increased pressure on the IAEA on Sunday and announced that it demanded an end to the IAEA investigation into past work on weapon-related nuclear issues and threatened to halt further implementation of the nuclear agreement.

“Without the closure of the file regarding past issues, there is no possibility of implementing the JCPOA,” Admiral Ali Shamkhani told IRNA, the state-controlled news agency, according to Israel Radio Reshet Bet.

Shamkhani’s threat followed a statement by another high-ranking Iranian official who said on Thursday that Iran was closer than ever to a nuclear weapon and bragged that “completing the work would be easier than putting in a contact lens.”

Israeli TV Channel 2 quoted Hassan Karimpour, an adviser to Iran’s Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani, who had said that finishing a nuclear bomb would be “easy to do, as soon as the spiritual ban on nuclear weapons were lifted.”

Kerimpour’s remark on the “spiritual ban” is a classic example of Iran’s deceit.

He and other Iranian officials claim that there is a so-called Fatwa by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on the production of nuclear weapons. The Fatwa doesn’t exist, however.

In reality, Khamenei ordered the development of nuclear weapons during a 1987 secret meeting of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Khamenei said during this meeting that Iran always has been subject to external threats and must stand up to the dangers it is facing and must make its enemies aware that it can defend itself.

“Accordingly, any step that we take from here will serve the defense of our nation and your revolution. With this aim in mind, you must work hard and fast,” Khamenei told his audience (Ronen Bergman – The Secret War with Iran, page 317).

Cops Just DESTROYED ‘Race Baiting Morons’ Who Accused Them Of Taking Colo. Shooter Alive Because He’s White

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police issued a strongly-worded statement over the weekend rebuking any who would question why the suspect in the Planned Parenthood shooting was taken alive.

The statement begins:

Sadly there are race baiting delusional ignorant fools with an agenda of hate that use any tragic event to peddle their corrupted opinion. What they don’t understand is our job is to preserve life not take it. You see for us all lives matter. That is the primary reason we join this profession. The standard we live by. 

We here in Colorado do know the circumstances at the conclusion of the incident in Colorado Springs. In yesterday’s heroic police action the shooter was given the opportunity to surrender. The choice to live or die was his. He chose to live, laid down his weapon, complied with all commands and peacefully surrendered.

Police exchanged fire with the suspect, Robert Lewis Dear, 57, several times before driving an armored vehicle into the Planned Parenthood facility and freeing those he held captive. He then chose to surrender.

Four officers were hit, and one died as a result of the standoff with Dear.

The FOP statement continues:

What the race baiting morons who believe that he was spared because he was white fail to acknowledge is that just this year alone there have been numerous shootings of police officers where the suspects were taken into custody. Many of those suspects were persons of color. They were not executed. They were taken into custody.

The delusional fools that would have the world believe otherwise promote their hate[-]filled agenda on the foundation of a national lie rooted in the Michael Brown incident. “Hands up don’t shoot” is their mantra and a false narrative surrounding the events in Ferguson. They are not worthy of the right to post on your page. Let them peddle their hate[-]filled, divisive rhetoric elsewhere. 

Many took to Twitter following the news of Dear being taken into custody, accusing the police of treating Dear differently because he is white.


h/t: TheBlaze

Cops Just Announced Something Bizarre About Colo. Shooting That Makes It Look Even Worse

 As Americans search for a motive in the bizarre Colorado Springs shooting spree that killed three people, Colorado Springs police have said they do not plan to share what they know.

On Sunday, police said they are sealing the warrants in the case of Robert Lewis Dear, accused of perpetrating the attack. They have also said they will not release information on a possible motive, a timeline of events, or even the weapon used.

Because the incident took place at a Planned Parenthood clinic, media reports claiming Dear mentioned “no more baby parts” after his arrest have been used to suggest abortion was a motive.

However, Dear has also been characterized as being marginally coherent.

“In his rambling interview Dear also mentioned President Barack Obama, so the sources told NBC that it was unclear whether he targeted the clinic because of abortions,” Raw Story reported.

As police kept an official lid on Dear’s motives, media sources were piecing together his background.

“Dear was barely known to neighbors near two of his dilapidated small-town homes — except those whom he freaked out,” summarized The New York Daily News after probing Dear’s North Carolina background. “The few who knew him said he never seemed particularly political, religious or violent, but definitely seemed to have some screws loose.”

Dear moved from North Carolina to Hartsel, Colo., in 2014. He registered to vote there in 2014, but registered as a female with no party affiliation.

Local media reported that the property has no water or electricity.

“He seemed okay to me,” said real estate agent Jim Anderson, who oversaw Dear’s land purchase. “Just like anybody who wanted to buy a piece of land in this one-horse town.”

h/t: TheBlaze

Muslim Sees 14-Yr-Old Without Hijab, What Happens Next Gets Him Arrested Immediately

A Muslim man who had taught at the University of Missouri reacted with rage and anger when he saw a female teen-aged relative attending high school without a hijab.

As a result, Youssif Zaghwani Omar was arrested after attacking the 14-year-old girl at Hickman High School in Columbia, Mo.

The incident took place on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Omar showed up at the girl’s high school at about 3 p.m. He had a confrontation with the girl because she was not wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf in public.

Omar became irate, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” and pulled her outside and down a flight of stairs, Columbia Police Officer Latisha Stroer told the Columbia Daily Tribune. She said police were dispatched in response to a child abuse report.

Omar also allegedly slapped the girl’s face and pulled her into his car by her hair, Stroer said.

The incident puts a different context on a recent notation Omar had published in “Artifacts,” Mizzou’s student culture journal.

“It is very hard for some people to be away from their own culture because they find themselves confined to the deep-rooted beliefs and customs they acquired and learned from the communities in which they were born and raised,” he wrote.

“Such people see themselves as fish taken away from the water,” he added.

Initial reports identified Omar as an assistant professor at Mizzou based on his own LinkedIn profile. Mizzou itself on Sunday tweeted that Omar had been a graduate student with an assistantship until July. Omar’s Facebook page, which has since been disabled, shows him posing with a Mizzou class from the Spring 2015 semester.

h/t: Breitbart

WATCH Israeli Family Celabrating Wedding Two Weeks After Father And Son Were Murdered

On November 13th, an Arab terrorist murdered Rabbi Ya’akov Litman and his 18-year-old son, Netanel, on Route 60 near the village of Otniel, south of Hebron in Judea (Israel). The Rabbi and his son were shot at in a drive-by shooting and died shortly afterwards after they were denied medical aid by the crew of a passing Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance.

Less than two weeks after this horrific murder, Litman’s daughter, Sarah Techiyah, married Ariel Beigel in Jerusalem in a very emotional ceremony that was attended by thousands of Israelis and by Sarah Netanyahu, the wife of the Israeli prime minister.

The wedding was originally scheduled for the 16th of November but was postponed due to the seven-day mourning period (called Shiva). The Litman family had invited ‘multitudes’ to the wedding to avenge the murder of their beloved father and brother by bringing joy to the bride and the groom. According to Jewish tradition, rejoicing with a new couple during a wedding is a very important mitzvah (commandment).

Among the guests were American Jews and a Canadian rabbi who came to the wedding with eleven members of his congregation. He told the members of his congregation in Canada that “instead of mourning, the Jewish people will dance. Instead of crying, the Jewish people will sing. Instead of fear, the Jewish people will have courage. And like Sarah Litman, showing us and leading us with her example, we will go from distress to relief, from darkness to light, from subjugation to redemption.”

Singing and dancing they did–and not only did the invited guests do so.

Thousands of Israelis who came to the wedding and were not able to enter the crowded wedding hall danced outside, singing “Am Yisrael Chai”, meaning the people of Israel will live.

You can watch that here:

In the wedding hall, the guests danced and rejoiced on the music of a Hassidic band and singer Avraham Fried, who made an unscheduled performance for the newlywed couple.

Litman’s youngest son, Dvir, told Israeli media about his mixed emotions during the wedding:

“We are feeling our pain, but at the same time we must be happy in the joy of Sarah-Tehiya. Our pain is big, and on the same evening in which I will say kaddish (prayer for the deceased) for my father in the evening prayer, I will also sing ‘Boi kallah’ (‘come forward, O bride’ ) for my sister.”

“We are showing that no one can defeat the Nation of Israel and that we will remain strong no matter what happens to us. We would have been happy to have a happy wedding, a wedding without anything to bother us, but God wanted it differently, but we do not break. We will rejoice today, despite the sorrow and pain, without father and without Netanel, and they will look at us from above and take part from there.”

Sarah Techiyah and her groom had posted a public invitation on social media in which they cited a verse from the book of Micha:

“Do not rejoice over me, my enemy, for I have fallen, but I have gotten up” (Micah 7:8).