VIDEO: Terrorist Learns The Hard Way That “Allah” Won’t Save Him… BOOM!

Radical militants of the Islamic State group and similar terror organizations tearing through the Middle East killing innocent men, women, and children recently learned that “Allah” may not always be paying attention to their activities.

In a video uploaded to social media that quickly went viral, a group of terrorists could be heard bragging about their latest acquisition — a mortar system — and after throwing a few “Allahu Akbars,” one terrorist dropped a round into the tube.

Disaster ensued.

The video was tagged as being filmed in Syria, a country overrun with radical Islamic terrorists. As the terrorist loaded the large round into their new weapon and aimed at a distant target, the round immediately exploded and left the entire crew scrambling.

It’s unclear how many of the men died or were injured by the explosion; but one can clearly hear screams of terror at the end of the short clip, indicating that something bad had just happened. It’s probably a safe bet that the rookie who dropped the round into the launcher didn’t make it.

Given this example, it’s difficult to imagine these terrorists actually being effective at gaining and holding ground across Syria and Iraq; but somehow, they’ve done it.

A proper “boots on the ground” response from the United States military would be extremely effective against these untrained terrorist militias who obviously have no idea how to operate large weaponry.

But that would mean President Barack Obama would have to go against his Islamic allies.

It should be noted that the camera operator in the video only praised Allah three times — perhaps a fourth would have kept them from being turned into non-Halal ground meat.

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Author And Californian James Lacy Explains Why The State’s Drought Was Caused By Environmentalists

In a recent appearance on Fox Business Channel’s Varney and Co., author James V. Lacy shared his take on the roots of – and remedies for – the ongoing, debilitating California drought.

“Droughts are nothing new,” he explained. “This is a four-year drought. I’ve lived in California all my life – we’ve had droughts year after year.”

The current issue, he asserted, is not a lack of water but a misappropriation of natural resources.

“Environmentalists are intimidating policymakers to try to make more water available,” he continued. “As a result, we lose hundreds and hundreds of gallons to, for example, flush trout out of remote streams – good water that could be used by agriculture to create food.”

Instead of supporting measures such as dam construction, Lacy said environmentalists are obstructing because “they aren’t natural.”

Other initiatives, including the desalination of ocean water, are currently being proposed by many leaders, he noted. Lacy acknowledged that even Democrat California Gov. Jerry Brown “hasn’t been terrible on this issue.”

The state’s environmental activists, on the other hand, continue to stand firmly against measures that would ensure residents have sufficient access to water.

“We don’t need to ration,” he added. “There’s enough water. What we need to do is use what we have more wisely.”

According to Lacy, the federal government has been a part of the problem, too. He explained that one California dam was required to expel a massive amount of water in order to relocate two dozen fish.

“Should that water be used to move 24 trout which nobody are gonna eat,” he wondered, “or could it be used for California agriculture to create food for people to keep the cost of food low?”

Unless state funds are used to explore new technologies and fund further research, Lacy concluded that the current situation is “only going to get worse.”

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After Muslim Students Protest, Univ. of Maryland Cancels Screening Of “American Sniper”

The University of Maryland announced Thursday that it has cancelled a scheduled screening of American Sniper after protests from the Muslim students on campus.

The Academy Award-winning film is the top grossing war picture of all time, taking in over $500 million at the box office worldwide. American Sniper depicts the true-life experiences of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who deployed four times overseas, serving in the Iraq War. He is credited with being America’s deadliest sniper.

The University of Maryland’s Student Entertainment Events (SEE) announced it would postpone, indefinitely, a screening of the film on campus after a Muslim student group started a petition calling for its removal from the schedule.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) petition reads in part: “American Sniper only perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason…This movie dehumanizes Muslim individuals, promotes the idea of senseless mass murder, and portrays negative and inaccurate stereotypes.”

SEE originally planned to screen the film on April 22, then postponed it to May 6 and 7. SEE released a statement explaining its decision to postpone the screening indefinitely after meeting with “concerned student groups”:

SEE is choosing to explore the proactive measures of working with others during the coming months to possibly create an event where students can engage in constructive and moderated dialogues about the controversial topics proposed in the film. SEE supports freedom of expression and hopes to create space for the airing of opposing viewpoints and differing perceptions.

The MSA praised the university administration’s decision in a posting on its Facebook page, citing the Quran in support of the justice of their cause.

Image Credit: Facebook/UMD Muslim Students Association

Image Credit: Facebook/UMD Muslim Students Association

Muslim students have protested the film’s screening at other campuses around the country and interrupted the film when it was shown at Eastern Michigan University.

As reported by Western Journalism, earlier this month, the University of Michigan, at first, bowed to pressure from Muslim students and decided not to screen American Sniper on campus but reversed its decision, after a national outcry (involving in part the school’s new head football coach, Jim Harbaugh) over the decision.

Image Credit: Twitter/@CoachJim4UM

Image Credit: Twitter/@CoachJim4UM

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Could MSNBC Bite The Dust Because Of The Proposed Big-Money Mega-Merger That Just Collapsed?

With its ratings in a virtual death spiral and its position among cable news networks diminishing by the day, MSNBC could be facing a very bleak future, if not an outright existential crisis. That’s because its parent, Comcast, just pulled the plug on a proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. So says the digital managing editor for the Washington Free Beacon, Andrew Stiles, in his analysis of the proposed big-money media marriage that never made it to the altar.

In an editor’s blog entitled “MSNBC’s Future In Doubt After Failed Comcast Merger,” Stiles notes that “the network’s future was in doubt long before the merger fell apart.” However, now that the telecom giants have abandoned their expensive effort to grease the Washington skids to try to win official approval of their plan to combine forces, Comcast may be compelled to take a long, hard look at the viability of the far-left news net that viewers are abandoning in droves.

Politico reports that Time Warner Cable and Comcast — which not long ago bought a controlling interest in NBCUniversal from General Electric — pumped tens of millions of dollars, reportedly more than $32 million, into lobbying firms and other means of regulatory influence to persuade the powers that be to bless the $45 billion merger. It was, as Politico notes, a strategy that had worked in the past.

“Comcast and its Washington chief, David Cohen, followed the company’s tried-and-true playbook, hoping free-flowing campaign donations and a ground assault could quiet congressional critics and win over the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department — much as it had in 2011, when it bought NBCUniversal. Instead, opponents are hailing Comcast’s failed strategy as a welcome sign that money can’t buy everything in Washington.”

Regarding that Comcast acquisition of control in NBCUniversal, Western Journalism published a post in December of last year detailing how Al Sharpton got his show on MSNBC after he helped to promote the deal among his political connections, including some in the White House. With virtually no professional TV broadcast experience, but with links to power and a no-holds-barred loyalty to Barack Obama and the Democrats, Sharpton was chosen to anchor Politics Nation. And despite a string of goofs and gaffes and controversies over his outside activism, Reverend Al survives in the anchor chair.

Now Politics Nation, as well as most other shows on the down-trending cable news network, could be facing a very uncertain future, given that Comcast’s political clout in Washington seems to be diminished. This harsh new reality leads one to reasonably wonder whether the company will decide that its political programming is less meaningful to DC movers and shakers and thus less valuable to the corporation.

In addition to the significant sagging in political relevance for its MSNBC unit, Comcast must also re-focus on the ratings disaster that continues to befall the network’s show lineup. In the coveted 25-54 audience demographic, Politics Nation, on a recent night typical of long-term trends, was very badly beaten in its time slot by both CNN and Fox News, which regularly trounces MSNBC overall.

Mediaite notes that one of the network’s weakest programs, All In with Chris Hayes, “was the lowest-rated show across all of cable news in primetime Wednesday night,” with only 77,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Commenting on the collapse of the long-sought merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement on Friday: “Today, we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn’t agree, we could walk away.”

The question now concerning MSNBC’s future is whether Comcast will “walk away” from the floundering network and, like it just did with the merger, pull the plug on an operation that has long been on life support.

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Georgia Town Defies Lawyers, Returns Christian Flag To City Hall

According to recent reports, threats of a legal challenge were not enough to dissuade one small town’s leaders from replacing a flag that formerly adorned city hall. As WMAZ reported, Cochran, Ga., City Manager Richard Newbern decided to remove the Christian flag after consulting with a lawyer who advised its presence could open the town up to legal challenges.

Nevertheless, the city council reacted to public outcry by voting on a measure that would replace the flag.

“The people of Cochran came to a city council meeting and said, ‘Let’s put the flag back up,’” explained Councilman Gary Ates, who sponsored the motion.

In the end, the initiative passed with a 5 to 1 vote and the flag is slated to return to its previous perch.

“It was the right thing to do,” Ates said.

In all, nearly 100 locals voiced their support for the flag, which was originally hung to commemorate an annual event – the Bible Reading Marathon – that has taken place in the community since 2003.

While there was plenty of social media backlash over the decision, reader reaction to a BizPac Review article indicated that Cochran residents and council members in support of the flag display have allies outside of the community.

“If the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of a city or township votes to promote and support Christian doctrine,” one reader wrote, “and to display a flag (properly lower than the American flag) to announce their united support, then it should be of no concern to those who don’t live there.”

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