Watch: In Just 5 Seconds These Hamas Terrorists Realized They Made The Worst Decision Of Their Lives


The Israeli military released another video Monday showing a firefight between Israeli troops and Palestinian terrorists, likely trying to infiltrate a Israeli community near Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Forces said that 10 armed Palestinians emerged on the Israeli side of the border from a Hamas-constructed tunnel, apparently hoping that the grass would provide camouflage.

The IDF spokesman’s office said the militants were divided into two separate squads that infiltrated Israel through the tunnel. An Israeli air force jet bombed one of the squads, while the others apparently were killed during the firefight, part of which is shown in the above video.

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Israel said that all 10 Palestinians were killed.

Residents of the nearby communities of Kibbutz Am and Kibbutz Erez were told to stay inside while the fight unfolded about a half a mile from the city of Sderot.

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Monday’s infiltration was the latest in a series of Hamas attempts to attack Israeli civilians through a sophisticated web of underground tunnels. Hamas, which the U.S. designated as a foreign terrorist organization, continued firing rockets at Israeli cities, bringing the total up to a count of more than 1,820 rockets in the last two weeks, an average of 140 a day, according to the IDF.

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Photo Credit: youtube/idfnadesk

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last Thursday at the start of the” ground operation” that the main objective was to dismantle Hamas’ terror tunnel network.

“We’ve expanded the forces on the ground in order to accomplish that mission. All of Gaza is an underground city, and the amount of infrastructure Hamas built up over the years is immense. There are tunnels, extended bunkers, weapons storage facilities, even within urban areas,” Israeli military spokesman Capt. Eytan Buchman said to the Washington Post.

As it widens its fight against Hamas, Israeli aircraft on Friday reportedly struck a warehouse in Sudan that was storing rockets for Hamas, ynetnews reports.

The report said the Sudanese government did not reveal the strike so as not to expose its ties to Hamas.

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Watch: What Sarah Palin Just Said Could Have Obama Looking Over His Shoulder

Photo Credit: Therealbs2002 (Creative Commons)

Conservative firebrand Sarah Palin tackled Barack Obama’s perceived dereliction of duty during a weekend speech, going so far as to double down on her prior claim that he should be impeached.

“These days you hear all of these politicians denouncing Barack Obama,” she said at the Western Conservative Summit, “’Oh, he’s a lawless, imperial president and he ignores court orders and changes laws by fiat and refuses to enforced laws that he just doesn’t like.’”

Palin complained, however, that the outrage generally ends at the rhetorical phase.

“That’s true,” she said of the common criticisms; “but the question is hey, politicians, what are you gonna do about it?”

She suggested “calling their bluff,” noting that decisive action is the only way to deliver a clear message.

“There’s only one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors,” she said, “and it’s impeachment.”

The former Alaska governor went on to note that America’s founders viewed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ as “the abuse or violation of some public trust.”

She said an impeachable offense, according to Alexander Hamilton, consists of “injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

According to Palin, a number of scandals that have rocked the administration thus far fit that bill. Primarily, however, she noted that the immigration crisis should qualify as grounds for impeachment.

“Alone,” she concluded, “not defending borders is dereliction of duty, violating the oath of office. If that’s not impeachable, nothing is. And if he’s not impeachable, no one is.”

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Here’s How Obama Could Be Paving The Way For A New Reagan Without Even Realizing It

Ronald Reagan SC

Those of us old enough remember Ronald Reagan standing up to the Soviet Union militarily and publicly.

The electricity surrounding his visit to the Brandenburg Gate in 1987 and demanding, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” sent shockwaves through the entire world.

Unfortunately, Obama refuses to take on the mantle of leadership our country so desperately needs at this moment.  He prefers to dither, play golf, and attend fundraisers while the world burns.  I believe the obvious lack of leadership is being felt across the public spectrum of this country.  Young and old, conservative and progressive, are noticing his lack of interest in the future of our country (notice I didn’t say his).

As depressing as this entire episode of the Obama administration’s treachery and deceit is, the future consequence will be the rise of a great leader in the United States to counter the destructive legacy this president and his sympathizers have left us.

The Left can’t hide the fact that a nationalistic and aggressive Russia is on the rise.  They can’t hide the murder of three hundred innocent travelers, no matter how hard they try. They can’t hide the fact that Putin is all in regarding Ukraine (and possibly Georgia, parts of Moldova, and other former Soviet republics.)  They also can’t hide the complete lack of interest on the part of President Obama concerning the whole situation.

This disinterest is being seared upon the minds of the whole country and will have electoral consequences.  The youth in this country, for instance, are finally becoming concerned for their future, according to recent polls.  They realize that an Islamic State that could bring further terror attacks to the United States is not a good thing.  They realize that Iran developing an atomic bomb is not a good thing.  They have seen the feckless John Kerry fly time and time to the the Middle East to solve the Israel/Palestinian issue, only to see the efforts degenerate into a massive conflict that has killed over 500 people.  They see that Hamas is the problem, and not the Jewish State.

I believe the wool is being removed from our youth’s eyes.  This could be the legacy of the Obama administration.

Perhaps this is what our country needed.  Perhaps the full horror of the consequences of liberal government needs to be shown to every generation so they can experience it firsthand.  Perhaps each new generation needs to relearn the lessons of the past directly in order to appreciate freedom, liberty, and peace through strength. Perhaps the lack of jobs and a festering recovery is enough to teach our youth that socialism and government regulatory overreach doesn’t work.  Perhaps they don’t want a future flipping burgers.  I can go on and on about the failures of the Left and the Obama administration.

This failure is being felt by our younger generations in the face of a corrupt and compliant media that can’t hold back the truth any longer.  A new Ronald Reagan is waiting in the wings.  Someone that can articulate the benefits of conservative policy and lead us out of the wilderness.

The whole country is waiting.

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Watch: This Sinister Plot Could Be Obama’s Chance To Finally Overthrow The United States


It is said that a nation without borders is not a nation. Obama has virtually collapsed our borders, ostensibly because he cares more for illegals than the American people.

But there may be a much more nefarious reason. This video describes a plot to overthrow the United States with some unlikely actors that is being played out right before our very eyes.

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Is The UN Abolishing The U.S. Constitution?

Photo credit: Frederic Legrand /

Traditionally, international law only governed the relations between nations. But now, this concept has evolved into something that’s threatening the very foundation of our country.

Case in point: As young illegal immigrants pour across the Mexican border from Central America, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is hoping America grants them refugee status.

The UN believes that if we refuse these sick, poverty-stricken children, it will be a violation of international law…

But American law specifically prohibits the entrance of unaccompanied minors.

So now, both bodies of law are in direct conflict – and the UN isn’t budging.

And this raises an important question: Has America lost its sovereignty to a new world order?

God Bless America the UN

Thanks to an evolution in international law – which now governs the relations between individuals and transnational corporations and organizations – the idea of national sovereignty has eroded in many ways during the course of the last few decades.

And because of the UN’s interference, media elites have started referring to illegal aliens as refugees.

FOX News commentator Charles Krauthammer addressed the word play being used: “If you treat them here as refugees, you’re essentially saying everybody who wants [to enter the United States] can come in. We should send buses to pick them up in Central America, so they’re not going to die on top of Mexican trains.”

All kidding aside, the policy of open borders might be well intentioned. But it just isn’t feasible.

Krauthammer continued: “We cannot… open our borders up because of miserable conditions in certain countries – otherwise, the Congo would empty and end up here.”

And just like the UN’s open border policy, many of their rules are in conflict with the U.S. Constitution and English Common Law, which form the basis of our legal system…

From the U.S. to the Middle East

In addition to the immigration law dilemma is the issue regarding taking unilateral action against foreign states we deem “rogue.”

While it’s clear that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has committed violations of international law, it’s doubtful these violations would rise to the level that allows Obama and the U.S. military to respond unilaterally.

Once again, the UN held the United States back from exercising its rights as a nation…

After World War II, the international law governing such military action was established within the UN framework. This law forbids any and all use of force against other states (Art. 2(4) of the UN Charter), except for the purpose of individual or collective self-defense (Art. 51), or as authorized by the UN Security Council for the purposes of restoring or maintaining collective security (Arts. 39-42).

In order for a state to use force in self-defense, it (or some other state) must have suffered an armed attack – or under some interpretations, be the target of an imminent armed attack.

The international law never gives authority to intervene in these civil conflicts. Syria’s Al-Assad isn’t attacking another state; he is attacking his own citizens.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom