Watch FURIOUS Judge Unload On Snickering Convicted Killer

A Michigan judge didn’t hold back his feelings towards a defiant convicted killer in his courtroom. Camia Gamet, 31, received a life sentence Wednesday for the brutal murder of her boyfriend Marcel Hill two years ago. Judge John McBain said it was ‘one of the worst cold-blooded murders he’s ever seen.’

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Is The GOP Betraying The Best To Pander To The Worst?

What is wrong with the Republicans?

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Today’s American Minute: The Oklahoma Land Rush

 A gunshot at high noon on APRIL 22, 1889 began the famous Oklahoma Land Rush.

Within 9 hours, some two million acres became the private property of settlers who staked their claims for 160 acres to homestead.

Riding as fast as they could, many found desirable plots already taken by “Boomers” who began intruding ten years earlier, and “Sooners,” individuals who entered the territory just days or hours sooner than was permitted.

The remaining land had been assigned to dozens of Indian tribes, including the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee, who had survived the Federal Government’s horrible “Trail of Tears” march during the freezing winter of 1838-1839.

Over 17,000 Indians had been forcibly removed by a Federal Government mandate from Georgia and other Eastern States. A Democrat-controlled Congress passed the Indian Removal Act by a single vote in 1830, and it was signed by Democrat President Andrew Jackson.

Opposing the Federal Government’s mandate were Christian missionaries, such as Jeremiah Evarts, Congressmen Davy Crockett of Tennessee, Congressman Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, and New Jersey Senator Theodore Frelinghuysen.

Over 12,000 Cherokees signed a petition in protest, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall even ruled in favor of the Cherokee Indian Tribe. But Democrat President Jackson, and his successor, Democrat President Martin Van Buren, refused to abide by the Court’s decision.

President Ronald Reagan commemorated the thousands who died as a result of the Federal Government’s policy by designating the “Trail of Tears” a National Historic Trail in 1987.

Oklahoma, which is the Choctaw word for “red people,” became the 46th State to join the Union in 1907.

The Preamble of Oklahoma’s Constitution reads:

“Invoking the guidance of Almighty God, in order to secure and perpetuate the blessing of liberty; to secure just and rightful government; to promote our mutual welfare and happiness, we, the people of the State of Oklahoma, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

Cherokee Will Rogers was an actor and cowboy philosopher who was offered the nomination for Oklahoma’s Governor, but declined.

He said:

“The Lord constituted everybody that no matter what color you are, you require the same amount of nourishment.”

He also remarked:

“Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”

And finally, Rogers quipped:

“The trouble with our praying is, we just do it as a means of last resort,” and “Lord, let me live until I die.”

Oklahoma, State of. 1907, Constitution, Preamble. Charles E. Rice, The Supreme Court & Public Prayer (NY: Fordham University Press, 1964), p. 174; “Hearings, Prayers in Public Schools & Other Matters,” Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate (87 Cong., 2 Sess.), 1962, pp. 268 et seq.

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How NBC Had To Resort To Drastic Measures To Help This Host’s Image

“Meet the Press” helped cement the nation’s idea of political roundtable discussions more than four decades ago. Since then, however, the pioneering NBC program has seen its ratings fall below both network competitors on Sunday morning – ABC’s “This Week” and “Face the Nation” on CBS.

The freefall in viewership hit such lows with current host David Gregory that the Peacock Network decided to take a drastic move.

Upon the close of 2013, the show was at its lowest level ever among the coveted 25-54 year-old demographic. According to recent reports, NBC has determined Gregory is at least part of the problem and began looking into ways to transform him into a more likable personality.

That process apparently included psychological testing not only for him, but for his immediate family.

The Washington Post indicated that Gregory’s wife and friends were interviewed by a psychological consultant last year. Despite the fact that the host has worked for the network for almost 20 years, NBC executives apparently felt this would give them an insight into his personality that they had heretofore been unable to ascertain.

As for Gregory, he is taking the high road publicly by asserting his loyalty to his employer and his desire to succeed as host of “Meet the Press.”

“I get it,” he said. “Do I want to be number one in the ratings? Every week I want to be number one, and we fight like hell to get there. And it’s tough right now. It’s a fight.”

Network sources indicated interviews for a potential replacement – such as correspondent Chuck Todd – were conducted with abysmal results. For that reason, one presumes, NBC is trying to salvage the current host, who succeeded Tim Russert after his death in 2008.

Another spokesperson, however, denied the consultant brought in last year was “a psychological one” and refuted claims “that any audience research has been done on an alternative host.”

In any case, Gregory said it is not his intention to replace Russert.

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for Tim and his legacy,” he explained. “And I’m doing my own thing, just like Tim did.”

Unlike Russert, however, Gregory continues to struggle to find a loyal audience. Consultants – psychological or otherwise – have a difficult task in attracting viewers to a format that has existed for generations, especially as an increasing number of innovative cable networks offer more choices than ever before.

Photo Credit: Facebook/David Gregory

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Trial That Could Expose Obama As Kenyan Postponed Until After Midterms

In a groundbreaking development that has been ignored by virtually all other media outlets, WorldNetDaily published a bombshell report that could tear apart Barack Obama’s carefully crafted backstory.

Despite attempts to marginalize so-called “birthers,” millions of Americans remain unconvinced that Obama was truly born in Hawaii as the administration claimed.

That doubt is not confined to the U.S., however, and one British man is doing his best to disseminate what he believes are the facts regarding Obama’s true origins. Jerome R. Corsi detailed the current legal battle London lawyer Michael Shrimpton currently finds himself in – and how it could ultimately lead to the revelation that Obama was born in Kenya. reports Shrimpton was in court recently for a hearing regarding charges that he sent a baseless warning to the British government about a 2012 terrorist attack that never occurred. According to the article, he claimed German agents smuggled a nuclear weapon from a Russian submarine that sank in the Barents Sea 12 years earlier.

He claims, however, that intelligence information being withheld would result in his acquittal upon being released to the court.

WorldNetDaily was reportedly the only media outlet present during the hearing despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that this case could blow the lid off of Obama’s much-disputed birth story.

In a surprise move, however, the trial was postponed until November. This would mean that any potential damaging testimony against Obama would not surface until after the midterm elections.

As Corsi reports, Shrimpton first presented allegations that Obama was born in Kenya, and to a woman other than Stanley Ann Dunham, during the 2008 election cycle. In a video made during that period, he laid out a string of charges supporting his position – including the accusation that Dunham was not pregnant the month before Obama’s ostensible birth.

Conceding he is no doctor, Shrimpton said he believes medical professionals would agree that “if a lady’s giving birth in August, we like to see her pregnant in July.”

He also contends that a clandestine CIA investigation failed to find a match between Obama’s DNA and that of his supposed maternal grandparent. According to his narrative, Obama was actually born in 1960 to one of his father’s mistresses in Mombasa, Kenya.

Evidence exposing this cover-up, he concluded, would be in the possession of British intelligence, since Kenya did not achieve independence until 1963.

These and other claims are expected to resurface during Shrimpton’s upcoming trial, WND reports. While it appears they will not be investigated prior to the midterms, this case is one worth watching closely as it has the potential of forever changing American history.

Corsi and WND are planning to publish at least two additional reports related to this developing story.

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