A Christian ‘Defense’ Of Josh Duggar

You were probably as shocked as I was to learn earlier this week that Josh Duggar had been accused of child molestation as a teenager. Since this news became public, Josh has resigned as executive director of the Family Research Council.

Josh’s actions as a 14-year-old boy were inexcusable and wrong. Josh knows that. He and his father had gone to the police at the time of the incidents, Josh and his victims received counseling, and Josh admits and accepts the consequences for his actions.

Once again, before we go any further, let us repeat: Josh was wrong.

Josh was also 14 years old. Is there a point where we say, “You messed up. You were a stupid kid. But you corrected your behavior, turned your life around, and we forgive you. Let’s move on?”

Dare I say it? Very few in the mainstream media – very few – talked about Lena Dunham’s documented molestation of her younger sister. Even less called for any type of repercussions for her actions. So it would seem such forgiveness is completely possible in today’s society. Unless, of course, you’re from a Christian conservative family. Christian conservatives aren’t allowed to mess up or make mistakes.

Earlier today, I tweeted this:


I received many responses along these lines:


The thing is, you guys, they do. By 17-years-old, 48% of teenagers have had sex. One out of every three teenage girls gets pregnant before the age of 20. And it doesn’t count as consent just because you’re both under 18. Twenty-six and a half percent of 15-19-year-old girls are giving birth to kids – and those are just the ones that aren’t having abortions. And 17% of those births are to unwed mothers who already have at least one other child!

Yes, Josh Duggar was wrong. Stupid, dead wrong. Wrong.

Josh admits his wrong. He’s cleaned up his act.

Is the answer to teenage failure, “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!” because of something someone did when they were 14-years-old? Kids are stupid. Not all, but most are. Do we not have any grace whatsoever… or is it that pointing at someone else’s sin – especially if it’s someone from a family with *gasp* standards! – makes us feel better about our own?

I also tweeted this today:


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Do we not understand what was happening in the “first stone” story? A woman was caught in the very act of adultery – which in Jesus’ culture was justifiably punishable by stoning. Jesus didn’t say, “If you’ve never committed adultery, pelt her now, as hard as you can!” Nope. It was if you’re without sin. Without any sin.

Sin is sin is sin. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Consequences are a different ball game. Consequences are world’s apart for lying than for murder, for example. Josh Duggar’s sin is most likely different from yours and will have different consequences – which he’s accepting – but let’s not forget that he’s a fallible human being.

I never molested any kids or shot anybody or did drugs, but guess what? I’m still a fallible human being. I’ve made mistakes. I can’t throw that “without sin” stone. Can you? Honestly?

One final thought: Do you want the world to judge you based on your teenage years, or on the person you are today? And if it’s the latter, are you willing to have the same consideration for other people… even if their last name is Duggar?

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WATCH Why This Popular Reality TV Star Just Made a Presidential Pick He Says Could Be ‘Suicide’

A man known to millions of TV viewers for his ability to judge value has just made his pick for president because of his favorite candidate’s values when it comes to policies that are pro-business. Rick Harrison, the head honcho of the hit show Pawn Stars, says that he hopes Republican Sen. Marco Rubio will be the next President of the United States.

A vocal critic of President Obama, Harrison appeared on Fox and Friends Friday morning to make official his endorsement of Rubio, whose campaign was quick to post the video of the interview on YouTube. Harrison’s pick was not altogether a surprise, given that he had announced several days ago that he would soon host a birthday party fundraiser for the GOP presidential hopeful.

In the Fox and Friends interview with host Steve Doocy, Harrison acknowledged that “when you endorse a Republican, usually it’s suicide,” since so many in the entertainment world throw their weight behind Democrats.

You can see Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars explain why he backs Rubio by clicking on the video above.

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How Happy Hillary Must Be, Winning Endorsement From Rapper Who Brags Of Killing Cops

Only a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was endorsed in her bid for president by a man who has made a fortune by exploiting women — one of the country’s biggest porn moguls — Larry Flynt. head of the Hustler empire. Western Journalism reported on the coverage by Bloomberg Politics of Flynt’s enthusiastic support for the former secretary of state — backing that Bloomberg reporter John Heilemann noted might actually prove detrimental to the Democrat’s leading 2016 contender for the White House.

“…no small number of Clinton’s ardent fans, and especially those who regard her as a feminist icon, may find it unsettling — or queasy-making — to have a man who has made a vast fortune in the skin trade squarely in her, and their, corner.”

Now, with a fresh string of Clinton endorsements by raunchy rappers, it will be interesting to see if these ready-for-Hillary music stars will help or hurt the Clinton campaign. According to CNN, rapper and actor 50 Cent has become the latest big name in hip-hop to sing Hillary’s praises.

“…the ‘In Da Club’ rapper has left no room for ambiguity, proclaiming that ‘It’s Hillary time’ during an interview with the Daily Beast.

The hip-hop star said that having been the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency, makes it so that ‘Hillary was the president already once.’”

Taking a look at the 50 Cent song “In Da Club” mentioned in the CNN story, you’ll find that the lyrics contain numerous references to getting drunk, getting high, and having rough sex — plus, there are references to knives and guns and gays, not to mention numerous times the word “nigga” is tossed around. Does this kind of song represent the middle class values Hillary Clinton has so frequently said she wants to support in her run for the nation’s highest elected office?

Or what about the values suggested in another song by the Hillary endorser 50 Cent? In the rap called “Officer Down,” the singer makes several references to shooting and killing cops. Here are two examples:

“Huh, we’ll find out when niggaz, let off the rounds
And his partner’s screamin’, officer down”

“Police get in the way, I’ll murder them, I’ll murder dem
A nigga already got three strikes, I’ll murder them”

The booze-drugs-sex-violence rapper 50 Cent isn’t the only music celebrity to say that Hillary is their choice to lead the country. The CNN article notes other rappers in Hillary’s camp, including Waka Flocka Flame, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, and A$AP Rocky. Despite the disturbing nature of many of the lyrics in songs by these hip-hop stars, one Democrat strategist quoted in the CNN article thinks the Clinton campaign may well benefit from these celebrity endorsements.

“Getting early endorsements from pop culture figures is always helpful to a campaign to generate interest and enthusiasm,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons, “But Secretary Clinton will still have to close the sale with young voters.”

Contrary to what Simmons suggests, it’s certainly reasonable to assume that not all young voters would find these rappers’ love for Hillary Clinton a reason to think she would make a good president.

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Josh Duggar Admits Shocking Truth About His Past, Resigns From Job. Duggar Family Responds…

A 2006 police report obtained by the gossip outlet In Touch revealed that Josh Duggar of TLC’s reality show 19 Kids and Counting allegedly sexually assaulted four of his female siblings and an additional female victim.

Duggar, now 27 and the oldest of his siblings, was 14 at the time. According to the police report, family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, 49, first learned of his son engaging in this behavior in 2002, when a female victim told him the boy had touched her breasts and genital area on multiple occasions while she was sleeping.

Jim Bob learned of other incidents. At the advice of his church elders, Josh’s parents sent him away for three months in 2003 to work for and be mentored by a family friend.

Jim Bob addressed the issued with an Arkansas state trooper in 2003, who then explained to Josh what could happen to him if he continued down his current path.

The local police were made aware of these incidents a few years later in 2006 through a family acquaintance, and multiple family members were brought in for questioning.

Image Credit: Instagram/joshduggar

Image Credit: Instagram/joshduggar

No other incidents happened after Josh’s return to the family in 2003, the Duggars told local police. No charges were filed. The Duggars arranged for their son and the victims to have counseling.

In a statement to People magazine, Josh admitted his wrongdoing:

Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends. I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.

Following the revelation of his wrongdoing, Josh decided to resign from his position at the Family Research Council. The FRC issued a short statement from the organization’s president, Tony Perkins:

Today Josh Duggar made the decision to resign his position as a result of previously unknown information becoming public concerning events that occurred during his teenage years.

Josh believes that the situation will make it difficult for him to be effective in his current work. We believe this is the best decision for Josh and his family at this time.  We will be praying for everyone involved.

Jim Bob and Josh’s mother, Michelle, 48, issued a joint statement, which reads in part:

Even though we would never choose to go through something so terrible, each one of our family members drew closer to God. We pray that as people watch our lives they see that we are not a perfect family. We have challenges and struggles every day. It is one of the reasons we treasure our faith so much because God’s kindness and goodness and forgiveness are extended to us – even though we are so undeserving. We hope somehow the story of our journey – the good times and the difficult times – cause you to see the kindness of God and learn that He can bring you through anything.

Josh’s wife Anna, 26, said he had told her and her parents two years before he proposed marriage of his “past teenage mistakes.” The two have been married since 2008 and have three children together–and are expecting their fourth in July.

Image Credit: Instagram/joshduggar

Image Credit: Instagram/joshduggar

Anna expressed confidence in him and what he told her about the counseling he received at the time, which he said changed his life. In a statement, she said, “[I know] who Josh really is – someone who had gone down a wrong path and had humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended. Someone who had received the help needed to change the direction of his life and do what is right.”

Josh expressed his faith in God’s redemptive power, as well. “I would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions. I sought forgiveness from those I had wronged and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my life. In my life today, I am so very thankful for God’s grace, mercy and redemption.”

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Breaking: Grand Jury Makes Decision On Six Officers In Freddie Gray Case

Following the controversial move by Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby to file charges against six Baltimore cops in connection with suspect Freddie Gray’s death, a grand jury has decided enough evidence exists to take the cases to trial. The charges Mosby suggested largely remain unchanged after the grand jury’s decision, meaning the officers must now defend themselves against counts ranging from assault to second-degree murder.

Mosby reacted to the decision, acknowledging that subsequent evidence led to minor changes in the list of charges. For half of the officers now bracing for a trial, this means they will now face additional charges. The remaining three have one less charge each against them.

The most serious counts – manslaughter and second-degree murder – are being pursued against the driver of the transport vehicle in which Gray sustained fatal spinal injuries. Other lesser charges against the other five officers stem from the assertion that they did not take precautions when placing Gray into the vehicle that might have saved his life.

Following Gray’s arrest – after reportedly fleeing police on foot – and subsequent death, much of Baltimore descended into chaos as a result of anti-police protests that gave way to widespread rioting. Mosby was accused of rushing to charge the officers involved, potentially to satisfy demonstrators demanding action.

“It looks like appeasement of the mob,” suggested Fox News Channel contributor Charles Krauthammer at the time.

Civil unrest reignited last year in Ferguson, Mo., after a grand jury opted not to indict officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting death of suspect Mike Brown.

Do you think the grand jury made the right call in the Baltimore case? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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